Aotearoa Design Thinking: an opportunity to revisit 2017

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Created by Lana Lopesi
Supported by Creative New Zealand



In 2017 Design Assembly introduced Aotearoa Design Thinking — a series of commissioned critical design essays published by Design Assembly and funded by Creative New Zealand. Our intention was to actively discuss New Zealand graphic design practice by celebrating, growing and challenging current thought. By building local design theory, Aotearoa Design Thinking asks what are the characteristics of New Zealand graphic design practice?

If you missed any of our earlier articles, we’ve collated them here for you:

Expanding The Conversation: Thinking about Aotearoa Design (Intro)

What Does A Fact Look Like?

Turning The Pages

What Is Design Thinking?

Beyond The Frangipani: Pacific Designers on Pacific Design

Feeling Our Way Toward Election Day

Who’s Winning? Graphic Design Competitions

Wearing Dissent: The Politics of the T Shirt

Murky In-Between Spaces: An Interview with Nell May

Interview with Todd Atticus

Plans and Reality in Central City Christchurch: How graphic design works towards, shapes, navigates and imagines a future city

Looking Back to Look Forward: In Conversation with Turumeke Harrington

Printed Matter and the Document: A Conversation with p.mule

Design and Documentary: An Interview with Ella Sutherland

Civic Lessons

Being Human: Notes and Reflection from Xin Chen


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