Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Friend.


Design Assembly is a platform that allows your contributions to be seen and heard by the New Zealand design community. We’re building the strength of that community through events and workshops, online content and, most importantly, our network of DA Friends.


Being a DA Friend means you’re helping us to build a thriving New Zealand design scene. Your subscription has direct benefits for you too, like discounted tickets to DA events and workshops and first dibs on special DA activities.


From 2020, DA Friends can also be part of design history, with discounted submission fees for our new Aotearoa Design Archive project, Kātoitoi.


Submitting to Kātoitoi gives you the opportunity to have your work seen, reviewed and selected for the annual archive alongside your design friends, peers and industry leaders. How exciting is that?

Ready to be seen, be heard and be Friend? There is a subscription option for everyone.

Friend Plus

Annual Friend Plus subscription includes:

  • ALL of your DA event tickets included
  • Six DA workshop tickets included
  • ALL of your Kātoitoi submissions included
  • Access to the DA Friends Slack
  • ALL of job listings included
  • LOGO and studio listing, top of the DA Friends page
  • For new users only, a 20% discount off Streamtime software

Friend Plus Subscription$2300/yr

Studio Friend

Annual Studio Friend subscription includes:

  • Three tickets to DA events (excluding pub quiz)
  • Discounts on all DA events & workshops
  • 50% discount on Kātoitoi submissions
  • Access to the DA Friends Slack
  • Two DA job listings per year
  • Studio website listed
  • For new users only, a 20% discount off Streamtime software

Studio Friend Subscription$506/yr

Individual Friend

Annual Individual Friend subscription includes:

  • One ticket to each DA event (Not including pub quiz)
  • Discounts on all DA events & workshops
  • 50% discounts on Kātoitoi submissions
  • Access to the DA Friends Slack
  • Your name and website listed

Individual Friend Subscription$100/yr

Student Friend

This subscription is for current full time students and expires after you graduate. Annual Student Friend subscription includes:

  • Free tickets to DA events
  • Discounts on all DA workshops

Students from DA Schools get a FREE DA Student Friend subscription. Email for your discount code.

Student Friend Subscription$30/yr

Our DA Friends

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