Five great reasons to support Design Assembly

Becoming a Design Assembly Friend will benefit you and the wider graphic design profession in many ways. You will not only enjoy direct access to the latest design work and thinking, but you’ll also get plenty of opportunities to connect with, inspire – and be inspired by – others in New Zealand’s graphic design community


Design Assembly is a unique forum for connecting graphic designers of all ages and stages. Here are just a few of the many great reasons to become a friend:


  • Everyone is welcome
  • Gain access to many different kinds of events and forums to inspire you on your personal graphic design journey
  • Enjoy a safe and positive environment to share knowledge, experiences and challenges
  • It’s a fun and rewarding way for graphic designers to connect with and support each other
  • We are a self-funding organisation, so your support helps us to foster a vibrant graphic design community in New Zealand

We offer a range of affordable subscription options

Friend Plus

Ideal for larger design studio practices and anyone who wants to provide additional support to Design Assembly. Annual Friend Plus subscription includes:


  • Seven free tickets to our annual Conversations event, valued at $161
  • A free table of seven at our annual design pub quiz, valued at $184
  • Seven free tickets to the annual film event, valued at $161
  • Four tickets to workshops, valued at $1150
  • 15% discount on all workshops
  • Free job listings on the Design Assembly website, valued at $99 per listing
  • 20% discount on all AGM magazine titles
  • 15% discount on Threaded magazine online subscriptions



Friend Plus Subscription$2,300/yr

Studio Friend

Ideal for small studio design practices. Annual Studio Friend subscription includes:


  • 15% discount on all Design Assembly events and workshops
  • Free DA job listings, valued at $99 per listing
  • 20% discount on all AGM magazine titles
  • 15% off Threaded magazine online subscriptions

Studio Subscription$350/yr

Individual Friends

Subscribing to Design Assembly gives you a great opportunity to connect with other designers. You will also enjoy the following benefits:


  • 15% discount on all Design Assembly events and workshops
  • 20% discount on all AGM magazine titles
  • 15% off Threaded magazine online subscriptions

Individual Subscription$80/yr Student SubscriptionFREE

Our DA Friends

Abby Marriott

Abi Carmichael

Adrienne Bergsma

Aimee McMaster

Alfred Hoi

Amber Coubrough

Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology

Amosa Laumahina

Amy Chen

Andy Zhou

Andrew Design

Angeilque Palis

Anna Zhang

Anna Mitchell

Calum Buchanan

Anthony Carter-Bell

Ambrose O'Meagher

Ardo Sitompul

Ashleigh Kooyman

Ashwin Samuel

D Jack

Beatrice Clarke

Ben Nguyen

Bridgette Taylor

Bryson Naik

Casey Yeoh

Catherine Turner

Rick Federkeil

Charlotte Rawson

Chaylin Annabelle

Chelsea Hsu

Kaitlyn Powell

Chinmayee Phalnikar

Christina Perring

Claudia Henty

Dayna Jackson

Daniel Shaskey

Ellie Crowe

Emma Marriott

Emory Fierlinger

Euan Shi

Eva Chen

Frankie Jorna

Garyun Young

Georgia Skiffington

Hanna McLachlan

Hannah Owen

Hannah Owen

Hansel Rivaldi

Harry Wyatt

Holly Zeng

Imogen Pendleton

Massey University

Jacob Darowski

James MacKinnon

Jane Keenan

Jasmyn Kruger

Jaynee Franklin

Jeeah Kim

Jenny Ritchie

Jerry Westaway

Jerry Wang

Jess Sloman

Jim Do

J Lim

Josh Manuatu

Joshua Ong

Josiah Rees

Kaitlin Findlater

Kathryn Olmstead

Kenneth Khun

Kimberley Burrows

Kay Tasma

Lance Wilson

Lane Le Prevost-Smith

Leon Shen

Lewis Wilson

Lisa Kestrel

Amy Chen

Maddie Teesdale

Maddie Teesdale

Maddy Price

Madison Christian

Malina Kounrabouth

Maria Bailey

Mato Hill

Melody Renaud


Meredith Whitehead

Mitch Lee

Mona Gabriel

Natalia Kosenko

Nick Jones

Nick Lew

Nicole Rajwer

Nicole Roulston

Nikhil Muraleedharan

Geneva Lam

Geneva Lam

Oliver Cain

Oliver Foster

Olivia Aukafolau

Paige Kingston

Paris Smith

Peeti Lamwilai

Peter Caalim

Pia Steiner

Pon Huey Min

Georgia Pulham

Punt Charoensukawatana


Raphael Roake

Rebekah Wilmer-Provan

Reuben Davern

Rodney Gooseneck

Sabrina Huang

Saji Kormi

Samantha Cooper

Sarah Jones

Scarlett James

Shannon Casey

Shannon McNabb

Shaun Robinson

Sheridan Raynes

Shona Mcelroy

Simon Rickwood

Siobhon Joe

Sione Taufa

Sophie Kwan Neads

Sophie Lee

Stella Sales

Stacey Purdon

Steve Watkins

Sydney Plested

Tamsyn Black

Thomas Sutherland

Tharit Nanthana

Thea Betts

Thippharat Ruangamnart

Thomas Saywell

Tom Owens

Tracey Pratten

Tui Allan

Vicky Wang

Victoria Steel

Victoria Chen

Viviann Heng

Wayne Shih

Wayne Shih

Yaolin Chen

Yifan Cui

Yingsa Ren

Yuki Ame

Yuki Ame

Yumi Wang

Yvonne Maxino

Zakkiyya Shah

Zoe Chyr