Free Dumb Sessions, Lee Parkinson (Strategy Creative)

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Looking for something to expand your mind this long weekend? Tune into Lee Parkinson’s Free Dumb Sessions podcast.

Lee is the strategic director of Strategy Christchurch and describes himself as relentlessly curious, and fascinated with human behaviour “by what we actually do, not just what we say, think, or feel.”

The DA team have been thoroughly enjoying listening to Lee Riff on Why Words Matter, Empathy, the importance of Charisma and Charm, Truth, Fake News and conspiracy theories.

The mission is simple – to provoke debate, awaken critical thinking. In the Free Dumb Sessions Lee discusses aspects of leadership, purpose and branding, how we might navigate the ‘no-normal’, how to uncover facts in a post-truth world that is awash in a sea of fake news, deep fakes and conspiracy theories.

Exploring ways to practice critical thinking to form our own conclusions and aid our decision-making. Lee doesn’t want to try and tell people what to think, rather he is prompting us to break free of ‘dumb’ in all its many forms.

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