By Day By Night – Welby Ings, AUT

By Day By Night is an interview series that profiles design teachers from design schools throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. We learn about their role as a teacher and their own […]

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Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival Reviews

The Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival has done its dash in Auckland, and now heads to Wellington, followed by Dunedin and then Christchurch. We went along to a couple of […]

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Three Takeaways from Webstock 2017

Written by Shane O’Connell, Pixel Fusion What is Webstock? It’s much more than a conference, it’s a community of people that welcome you with open arms. The team behind Webstock; Natasha […]

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In Conversation with Threaded.

Threaded, for those unfamiliar, is a biannual magazine sharing insights into a range of practitioners and their practice, across the creative industries. Started in 2004 by Clarke and Fiona Grieve, the international collaborative project curates these insights into practice through discussion and presentation of practice, thinking and process. The publication has always been an impressively ambitious gem in the Auckland design scene, so lovingly crafted by its small team, while achieving a wide readership thanks to the cast of creative heavy hitters they manage to enrol. The latest issue, though, has taken a slightly different focus, hinting at what feels like a very personal journey that has culminated in an issue that feels like a homecoming of sorts for the magazine.

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Robert Coupland Harding: A man you need to know, Part II

Written by Kelly Gilchrist Under the heading of « Design in Typography, » we purpose publishing from month to month a series of original articles of a practical character on […]

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Mapping La Macha: the hole that Mark dug

Written by Cameron Ralston Last February, walking from the North/Clybourn station back to River North in Chicago, I lost my copy of Tim O’Brien’s The Nuclear Age. This book recounts […]

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DA Workshop – Managing your design business

Join Mark Osborne from Roll and Asheel Bharos from Rightway in an evening seminar looking at the systems behind managing your design business.
Mark will talk about transforming your design business with software, moving beyond Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office and the future – where is business software heading?
Asheel will focus on the challenges around cash flow and forward thinking around financials – particularly where jobs last several months and the need to track partial payments and WIP. He will also discuss reporting on efficiency and understanding project profitability as well as profit and loss.

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It was just a few small nips

Written by Emma Rogan. Stab magazine treads new ground and old, at Semi-Permanent. My father lived for surfing. I spent my childhood at beaches all over Australia and New Zealand. […]

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