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Design Assembly has become the home of New Zealand visual design –providing a collaborative digital and physical platform for kiwi visual designers to learn, keep up-to-date and be inspired. We couldn’t do that without the support of our Friends.

This series profiles some of the studios and individuals who have already shown their love and support for DA. In this first feature, we talk to Laura and Raymond of RUN who created our latest friends campaign to coincide with DA’s 10 year anniversary.

Can you describe the creative path that lead to founding RUN?

As founders we’ve each worked in the creative industry for over 15 years. Laura Cibilich, our Design Director, previously worked as a graphic designer at boutique design studios. Raymond McKay, our Creative Director, worked as a creative at global advertising agencies in both New Zealand and Australia. As a husband and wife team, having entrepreneurial aspirations and complimentary skills, it was only natural for us to start our own agency. Laura started RUN (formerly called Designstein) in 2008 and it gradually grew from there, becoming RUN in 2016.

We love the recent campaign you designed for DA what else are you working on right now?

Thanks, we love it too! (Although writing 2,000 rewards for the campaign at the time definitely challenged us.)

Right now we’re working on creative campaigns for 2degrees, a honey brand and a charity, as well as ongoing work for Niue Tourism. On the design side we are working on projects for an alcohol brand, a Tongan architect and a platform aimed at helping people navigate employment. We feel lucky to be able to work on a diverse range of projects, from advertising and visual identity to packaging and books. Plus with great people behind our client organisations.

On top of all that we’ve developed our own tech start-up – BadGood – a positive and fun stress relief app, launching at tech week in May.


How does the New Zealand environment or culture shape your ideas on design?

Raymond hails from Tainui descent, making him one of only a handful of Māori Creative Directors in the world. Laura grew up in South Auckland, being surrounded by a wide range of people and cultures.

Having these backgrounds it’s innate that the wonderful diversity and kiwi can-do attitude of Aōtearoa comes through naturally in our work. It allows us to have a unique cultural lens on the work we do. As brands become more aware of the importance of culture and diversity, particularly from a Māori and Pasifika perspecitive, this is fast becoming a speciality of ours.


What do you most value about Design Assembly?

The sense of family, in a professional and commercial sense (if that can be a thing). It’s a truly supportive community. We love the willingness to listen to their audience and the design community, and that there’s so much variety within that too. The reflection of NZ culture and inclusiveness. It’s definitely something you can’t get elsewhere.

When did you first learn about Design Assembly friends and what inspired you to sign up and support us?

Laura has been attending Design Assembly events since it’s inception (10 years ago!). Over the years she became a contributor (due to increasing work and family commitments she’s no longer a contributor, but counts sitting down for a one-on-one interview with Michael Bierut as a highlight). With this background we’ve really seen the need for Design Assembly and the value it gives us. The contribution DA makes to NZ visual designers, particularly those starting out or mid-career, is also something we totally support. Plus, with access to great events and workshops through the Friends subscription it’s really a no-brainer.

What do you see as the biggest benefit of being a DA friend?

The professional development workshops and tickets to DA events across a huge range of relevant topics and being able to share these with our agency staff was the real draw card for us.

Not already DA Friend? Let’s make it official – show your love and support for the DA community. To sweeten the deal we’ve got 2,000 rewards for being a DA Friend.

Our unique DA Friends membership programme allows us to keep doing the work we do. By becoming a DA Friend you will be recognised for your support of the New Zealand design industry, and have first dibs on special DA activities and events….and more!






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