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Shine were tasked by Tip Top to relaunch their brand under the banner of all things optimism. The project encompassed a brand comms launch, building out the design and comms system and a special, secret product launch to the public.


The brief/kaupapa:

We believe optimism is a super power. If you could bottle it you would. But you can’t. However, you can put it in a cone.

That’s what Tip Top do every day. They make optimism. Sometimes it’s boysenberry flavour, sometimes it comes on a stick and, if you’re lucky it comes with chunks of hokey pokey in it. Tip Top is the company that since 1936, has made us ask – “What’s the best that could happen?”

Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it. Actually, we already have. So we don’t have to prove it – we just have to tell you what we did. Ahem.

The design response:

Last summer we launched a new brand idea for New Zealand’s favourite ice-cream maker with a brand new line: *trumpet sounds* ‘What’s the best that could happen?’. It was, unsurprisingly, all about optimism.


And we launched it with a phone number. A phone number we put all over the country – for one day. There was no branding. No colour. No pictures of ice cream. No one knew it yet – but it was an optimism trap. Because only an optimist would see a strange number on a billboard, a banner ad, a street poster, a community notice board or dragged behind an aeroplane and call it. We weren’t even sure they would.

But they did. And when they did they were told the great news – “You’ve won a limited edition, bottomless golden cone for bottomless Tip Top Ice Cream” We told them that because that’s what they won. A rare, precious and golden, bottomless cone that allowed the winners to walk into any Tip Top dairy and get a scoop of optimism in any flavour they liked whenever they liked.


To accompany their bottomless golden cone, we built our optimists a digital platform to help everything run smoothly. Modelled from a good ol’ fashioned waffle cone, artisan potters hand-crafted only 100 of these gold porcelain beauties. We then packaged them in numbered boxes and hand delivered them to the 100 optimists who called the number.

We even had a symphony orchestra turn up on their doorsteps just for when they opened their boxes… Okay that last bit was a lie but everything else happened just the way we said it did. A bottomless cone for a bottomless optimist. Because when your glass is half full – your cone is never empty.

Team Credits:

  • ECD – Rich Maddocks
  • Head of Design – Danny Carlsen
  • Designers – Luke Guilford, Tom Addison, Yael Ciepelinski, Jeff Lau.
  • Creative – Oliver Green, Zach Hall, Hamish Cullen, Matt Ellwood.
  • Digital – Brett Johanson, Jayden Szekely.
  • Producer – Pip Mayne.
  • Rendering – Courtney Hopkins.
  • Photography – Yuki Sato.


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