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This Fresh From The Field by Onfire Design is bold (as is all their work), Onfire demonstrates a distinctive bravery throughout their brand and packaging projects. Particularly Onfire’s fast consumer goods work which consistently redefines categories and commands attention on shelves. Culture Yoghurts is no exception, its vibrant, its loud and its fun. Living food for today’s foodie, Culture Yoghurts is as good on the eye as it is for your gut!

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The brief:

Food DIY has been a niche market that is rapidly becoming mainstream. Consumers who are taking interest in what goes into their food are seeking out new brands that make this easy while also not compromising on flavour experiences. As a category, powdered yoghurts has served consumers with a standard range of flavours to make-at-home with little innovation. Enter Culture, a premium offering that offers category breaking flavours and all the essential “active cultures” that offer great gut health. This is a straight-up, fresh, lively and fuss-free brand that allows consumers to simply get on with eating great tasting, healthy food.

The response:

Onfire took the “straight-up” nature literally. Using typographic influences from music billposters and indie magazines, creating a bold and minimalist brand that is the antithesis to the market incumbents. This is about a living food lifestyle and movement, not just about the core product. The packaging is equally stripped back. Pops of bright colour and white disrupt shelf space with pack copy that highlight the heightened flavour profiles and good gut-loving that this product delivers. Culture is truly a brand on an uncompromising mission to deliver living food, that tastes amazing. Happy days!


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