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This Fresh From The Field by Voice Brand Agency features a cohesive Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, and Brand Guidelines for a business experiencing rapid growth.

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The Brief:

OneFortyOne is a vertically integrated, trans-Tasman business with forests and mills in Australia and New Zealand. In the last seven years, OneFortyOne has had an astonishing trajectory: from just four people in 2015 to more than 500 employees and even more contractors in 2020. This rapid expansion has presented challenges but also a source of enormous opportunity for the business.

Following two significant acquisitions in 2018 in Australia and New Zealand, OneFortyOne was ready to review their brand and operations. At the beginning of 2019, they were operating under two separate brands, in two different countries, across five different locations. Due to the speed of growth, OneFortyOne‘s structure, business units and teams were operating as separate entities, without a shared goal. There was a real need for a cohesive brand strategy to galavanise their organisation, harness their collective energy, evolve the culture and provide a fresh start for everyone within the business.

The Response:

Voice began working with OneFortyOne in June 2019 to help articulate their business strategy into a strategy for the brand. Conducting an in-depth discovery phase across the business, running one-on-one interviews with a diverse cross-section of their staff and stakeholders ensured we had a holistic understanding of the challenges, opportunities and ambitions for the business. Our key insight was based on their remarkable approach to the work they do – valuing every part of the trees they grow. OneFortyOne is uniquely placed to redefine the potential for wood fibre – in terms of how and where it’s grown, how it’s processed, where it’s used and how it will shape the future.

We designed a new logo and visual identity system that represented the microscopic shape of wood fibre, the properties of which sat at the very heart of their business. The creative rationale for the logo also neatly fitted with the client’s business purpose – the three strands of strengthen, integrate and extend.

The new brand has brought all people and locations together under one banner, while still allowing them all to maintain their distinct cultures. The decision was made to roll out only meaningful communication pieces in the first months of 2020 including a new direction for corporate reporting (profile and annual review), new look stationery, staff uniforms, vehicle livery and a new website.

With consistent branding across the entire operation, OneFortyOne is signalling its intention to lead the way as an innovative modern group committed to delivering creative fibre solutions.

‘Voice helped us articulate the value we bring to the Australasian forest and timber industries. The journey they took us on was collaborative, cohesive and at times challenging as we learnt what our people needed to hear from the business. But the end result has armed the business with a brand platform that was created for growth and opportunity. We know we can achieve our vision with a united culture and organisation.’

– Linda Sewell, CEO



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