By Day/By Night: Loryn Engelsman, Wintec

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Welcome again to our 2017 By Day/By Night series. Here we profile a range of design teachers from our tertiary institutions to find out what projects they’re involved in outside of work hours, and how their personal creative endeavours feed back into their teaching roles. Fourthly we speak with Loryn Engelsman, Lecturer at Wintec.

The School of Media Arts currently offers a three year Bachelor of Media Arts with a pathway in Graphic and Digital Design. In 2018 a new Bachelor of Design and a Bachelor of Communication are planned for launch. These degrees will balance the learning of the crafts of design (or communication), with the application of these crafts in a range of professional and project-based contexts. Graduates of these new programmes will have the skills to thrive in a range of creative roles within the creative industries, and as creative problem solvers in organisations across professional and services sectors.

Hi Loryn, can you tell us a bit about your background, your career path and how you got into teaching?
I am a graduate of the School of Media Arts where I majored in Painting and Sculpture and, while studying, I spent a lot of time working on a mixture of illustration and graphic design projects. Since graduating I have been working as a freelance illustrator and designer. While working as an illustrator I have always had a part time job somewhere else in the creative industry and last year Wintec approached me to teach a few graphic design and visual practice papers, thus began my teaching.

Outside of tutoring, what do you do?
I spend the majority of my time working on commercial illustration projects from a studio in Hamilton central. This work is so varied, some weeks I am working on editorial illustrations that are purely digital, other weeks I’m getting my hands dirty working on painting. I love the diversity of work that operating as a freelance illustrator has to offer because it allows me to dedicate time to things such as teaching.

What are you inspired by and how do you keep the momentum for your personal work alive?
With roots in fine art, I really enjoy taking time out to paint and draw each week without any pressure of having a client brief involved. This experimental work informs my commercial work, as the client work inspires my experimental work. I also spend a bit of time everyday keeping up to date with all that is going on in the international illustration scene. I also take a sketchbook with me mostly everywhere, so a pen and paper is always at hand when inspiration strikes.

How does your personal practice feed into your role as an educator?
It’s really rewarding to be able to teach others things that I have learnt myself while working as a freelancer and give examples of my ‘real life’ experiences with commercial art. This gives the students a great insight into how what they are learning applies to their future careers. It is also really inspiring to see what ideas the students come up with and being part of seeing these ideas created.

How do you balance these two very different roles? Are there any particular benefits and or challenges?
Benefits are that I get to feed into students project’s and future careers… It’s really exciting watching students develop in their creative practice. I really enjoy the ‘ah-ha!’ moments when talking with students and they understand something new or discover a new way of working.

What are the best bits about working at a place like Wintec?
I really like how many visual art streams there are at Wintec and it’s really easy for students to cross over and learn about other areas, for example, Painting students can take a few Graphic Design papers and learn how to make great posters for shows that they put on or exhibition guides. This means more graduates come out with a broader range of skills and they are better equipped to work as artists and designers after graduating.

And finally where can we see more of your own work?
My portfolio website is and I post regularly about other odd projects that I’m working on on Instagram @LorynEngelsman.

Thanks for your time, Loryn.

Find out more about Wintec by visiting:


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