The redesign of everything… with Louise Nash of Circularity

Today we continue our series profiling the podcasts we love! As a circular design and innovation partner, circularity are on a mission to help us solve the environmental challenges of […]

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5 minutes with… Louise Nash

Ahead of our Auckland: Planet Centric Design workshop, we spoke with the facilitator (& Circularity founder) Louise Nash about her journey from linear to closed-loop, disruptive bravery, and what participants can expect from […]

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Ecostore: Circular by Design

The Circular Economy rethinks a linear take-make-dispose model of business, closing the loop, so resources are continuously repurposed. Circular systems are restorative and regenerative by design. They enable businesses to […]

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Food For Thought: Planet-Centric Design

Designers often focus on the end-user. But what does it mean to care for people and place in equal measure? How do we conscientiously and empathetically design with the planet […]

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