Ecostore: Circular by Design

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The Circular Economy rethinks a linear take-make-dispose model of business, closing the loop, so resources are continuously repurposed. Circular systems are restorative and regenerative by design. They enable businesses to gain economic and social value without environmental degradation.

Ahead of our Auckland: Circular by Design workshop, we asked facilitator (& Circularity founder) Louise Nash to share a case study where circular thinking was used to reshape a clients design process.

The Brief:

Ecostore was Circularity’s foundation client together they embarked on a journey “to explore the process of becoming circular by design”

There is no path forward in a linear world, Circularity and Ecostore believed they can shape a better future

  • from recycled to renewed 
  • from limited to catalyst
  • from linear to closed loop.

The solution:

Circularity worked with Ecostore for nine months embedding circular thinking and empowering their ideation to redesign product lifecycles. 

Ecostore is reframing its innovation streams to be circular. By 2025 100% of Ecostore bottles will be made from collected and renewable material.

Together they developed a new product design roadmap for the next 5 years that will be driven by circular prinicples, “its a bold start with a bold intent, to unlock new value of the people and the planet”


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