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Our friends at Fly have had a name change, so we caught up with the team and asked a few questions about why they decided to update their brand and the story behind their new name, Ira.

Why did you decide to change the name? 
We’ve been Fly for 17 years and captured our passion for being creative, authentic and supporting proud Aotearoa brands. But for the past 5 years, we have been focussing on cultural creativity and cultural practises, to define solutions that bring indigenous culture to the very heart of the work we do. So we wanted to express that in a uniquely Aotearoa expression.

What does Ira mean, and what does it mean to you and the team?
Ira is the life principle in all living things. It gave Rangi and Papa, our first parents the ability to create life and so our world is filled with thriving eco-systems. The Ira therefore unites us as people and environment. So Ira is an expression of the power of creation and our relationships to each other and our world.

Where did the name come from?
As a team we had brainstormed many names and had some we loved. My wife, Jasmin has been my rock and strength throughout these 17 years of creating my own business and creative philosophy. We were discussing the potential for a new name and she suggested Ira, because of it’s rich meaning and knowing it would be distinctive. The team has been hugely inspired to create a design system and expression that reflects the meaning of the name.

Why was now the right time to change the name?
The name change signals a change in focus that’s been I motion for a few years now. We have designed a tikanga led strategic model and creative process. But we did not want to change our name unless it felt it was truly inspired to capture our philosophy and commitment to te ao Māori.

When the lightning struck with the suggestion of Ira, we could immediately see how it captured what we valued as a company and the impact we wanted to have in the world.

How do you see the name change impacting your work/business/etc
Our name is a promise to harness the creative potential of our communities to inspire new solutions for a thriving Aotearoa. We hope our name helps us express that commitment.


Through strategy, culture and creativity we inspire new solutions for a thriving Aotearoa. 
To all the people that have supported Fly since 2005, we would love to thank you. There are more exciting things to come and we hope you will stay with us on our journey forward!



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