Blutui partner with global martech consultancy to deliver amazing web to agencies worldwide

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The team at Blutui are thrilled to announce their newly minted partnership with a global advertising and creative agency technology consultancy. Togther, they are on a mission to provide clients with a 360 degree service that offers ad agencies everything they could ever need to make them more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Blutui Founder and CEO Graeme Blake is thrilled to be inking a partnership like this, “We’ve built Blutui with a single minded purpose, to help agencies everywhere deliver amazing sites, and we’ve been looking for a suitable partner for some time. Now that we’ve inked our partnership, we’re looking forward to delivering the Blutui platform to agencies large and small across the globe.”

“Blutui is lean, made up of an agency dinosaur (me) and a team of smart and creative young developers who are immersed in studio life every day. We’ve taken the view from inside an agency to create a website development platform that integrates seamlessly with agency and studio workflows”, says Graeme. “We are also partnered with AWS to provide managed infrastructure that will provide the necessary flex and scale to suit every agency requirement”.

“We’ve removed all barriers to creativity so studios can literally build whatever they can dream up, and we’ve built in agency multi-site control that puts your agency in control of every web project”, says Blutui product manager Charlie Cooper. “It’s all in the cloud so collaboration is easy and with Blutui Courier developers can work locally and see their changes on the cloud immediately. It’s all about efficiency and removing re-work from the studio vocabulary.”

The new partnership gives Blutui exposure to the agencies it has set out to help. “We’re on a crusade to provide agencies everywhere a more viable option for delivering websites.” Says Graeme. “We’re from the industry and we understand all of the nuances and pain points agencies and studios experience with off-the-shelf tech as well as custom builds. Blutui is about avoiding the massive overheads from full stack in-house teams, saying goodbye to technology fragmentation and dodging the admin hangovers that make web development less fun than it should be… Blutui has been built from within the industry, for the industry, to solve all of that. Blutui is born out of digital agency experience, to provide the ad, marketing and creative agency community with a purpose built solution to enable agencies to regain control and deliver websites efficiently, profitably and with total creative freedom.”

The team at Blutui set about to create a platform that combines agency admin controls with front end creative freedom and a universal framework that allows any creative studio to build anything the client requires. Blutui enables any agency to scale, adding and controlling any number of sites of any level of complexity with their own front end talent, contractors or freelancers from anywhere in the world.

  • Built in a working digital agency in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
  • Founder, owners and contributors are all seasoned agency professionals.
  • Built on AWS, Blutui is part of the AWS Partner Network.
  • 5 years in development.


Helen Johnson, Managing Director at the global martech consultancy said, “We are delighted to partner with Graeme and the team at Blutui. Bringing Blutui’s web platform to our clients will enable us to offer a revolutionary way for agencies to deliver websites more efficiently. It will save agencies a fortune and improve margins in the digital space. It offers a single platform that any talented front end developer who’s handy with HTML and CSS  (or JS if they want fill the trophy shelf) can use to build amazing sites.” 

For more info, head to the Blutui press release.


Current Blutui team:

  • Graeme Blake Founder (Non Technical) & CEO
  • Charlie Cooper Product Manager
  • Jayan Ratna Lead architect
  • Tyler Burbage Sys-Ops Engineer
  • Hannah Bill UK/Europe Onboarding
  • Contributors Ruslan Courtman Front End Developer
  • Jacs Palmer Front End Developer
  • Pedro Marques Designer


Reasons for creating Blutui:

  • Frustrations at : Tech fragmentation
  • Unnecessary overhead 
  • Lost margin (vendor activity markup vs full studio revenue)
  • Compromised creativity
  • Constrained utility
  • Diminished margin
  • Maintenance cost
  • Technical redundancy
  • Project management costs
  • Administration overhead


All infrastructure, managed hosting, feature development and backend support is provided by the Blutui app and development team, with ongoing support from the (New Zealand based) development team. Blutui requires front end developers with a minimum of HTML and CSS, with JS competency giving additional scope to create award winning, performance sites.  

The in-app Collections database framework makes building complex data driven sites simple and with no requirement for data engineers. Collections is a core feature of Blutui and lets developers create and control the site structure with ease.

Control, creativity and the design aesthetic of web design is important to the team at Blutui who have built the platform in a way that lets any competent front end developer lock down the site to ensure clients can’t unwittingly ‘break’ the site while updating content. Agencies can hand content management control to clients or offer this as an extension to their studio design service, either way the Blutui Canopy in page editor is intuitive and straightforward to master.

Blutui is lean, built to let developers create using the code they grew up with and the tools they love within the Blutui environment. Blutui development is incredibly efficient as developers only ship the code required to run each site, there are no plugins or redundant code bases to complicate site development and slow down the sites performance, making Blutui sites extremely SEO performant.

The app environment can be branded to project any agencies digital brand to staff, contractors, contributors and clients alike. 

Blutui’s project management agency Dashboard lets agencies invite collaborators into your virtual studio and control permissions for front end developers, content managers and SEO contributors with total visibility and control.

There are a number of bleeding edge features which Blutui developers have pioneered, one such feature is Courier and Collections.  

Courier syncs any Blutui developer to the Blutui cloud enabling them to build on their local machine which updates the site instantly in real time.  Why is this important? It makes building sites in Blutui incredibly efficient as developers see changes to their project site instantly as it will appear when published, significantly reducing the requirement for rework. Courier is a game changer for agencies who want to drive efficiency into their web production.

Collections is the Blutui ‘built in’ database management system which removes the requirement for back end database expertise. Any competent front end developer can curate and manage complex database requirements to drive and support data driven sites.

For agencies who want the ability to maximise their team performance Blutui features an incentive program, BluBonds tracks the deployment of live sites and allocates a BluBond for every 5 sites created per user.

Blutui Freelancer mode lets Front End Developers build and deploy multiple sites while agency businesses looking for an Enterprise agency solution can customise their experience in terms of users, pricing and support.



Footnote: every Blutui site published contributes resources to the Blutui® Tui Chick Recovery Program in partnership with BirdCare Aotearoa.


Blutui – Pronounced “Blue-Two-E” | NOUN /bluːtuːi

Tui are boisterous, medium-sized, New Zealand native bird of forest and suburbia. They look black from a distance, but in good light tui have a blue, green and bronze iridescent sheen, and distinctive white throat tufts (poi).

Photo credit: Peter Rees Photographer



Tangram agency clients around the world can contact their Tangram technophile to set up a personalised Blutui demo.



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