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This Fresh From The Field breaks down the complexities of online fraud to ensure our vulnerable communities are protected. New Zealand Bankers Association commissioned White Rabbit, to educate the elderly on some of the things to look out for when it comes to online scams in this print campaign.

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The Brief:
Online bank scams targeting elderly individuals are unfortunately on the rise.  Fraudsters often target the elderly with schemes associated with credit cards, fake competitions, investments, charities or insurance. The New Zealand Bankers Association (NZBA) wanted to raise awareness and educate the elderly on this issue. This information was to be distributed in print form to banks nation-wide along with printable copies online.
The Response:
The main goal of the brochure design was to inform and warn elderly folk on some of the things to look out for when it comes to online scams. White Rabbit set out to design a brochure that clearly communicates key messages on how to avoid some of these situations. We created a custom set of icons and friendly illustrations which helped to make the subject matter more approachable and less daunting for the elderly. The icons provided the ultimate device to both simplify some of the messaging and separate the content into key sections. This combined with a clean geometric sans-serif typeface meant easy readability for the target market.

Our team focused on working with a simple colour palette to produce a more unified and less overwhelming look. Sticking to shades of the NZBA logo colours also meant while this brochure was the beginning of an elevated design direction for the NZBA, it still aligned cohesively with their previous collateral.

Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to scam people and steal their money. They use a range of ways to trick people into handing over personal information. With custom illustration and an engaging layout, hopefully, this little square brochure design will assist the NZBA to build a greater sense of awareness for the elderly in a simple and easy to understand format. If it prevents just one person from being caught up in one of these scams, our job has been very worthwhile indeed.

Simon Ellery, White Rabbit


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