Concept Store: Media Design School Graduate Exhibition 2018

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Opening night: 16 November 6pm – 9pm
Location: Generator (GridAKL) 12 Madden Street, Auckland 1010

Media Design School Graduate Exhibition 2018 will showcase work from the Batchelor of Media Design, Bachelor of Art & Design, Bachelor of Creative Technologies and the Bachelor of Software Engineering alongside the Graduate Diploma in Creative Technologies programme. A diverse collection of creative work will be on display across Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Motion Design, Game Art, Game Programming, 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

Preview of some of the exhibiting students:

Name: Mona Gabr

Project Name: Pick Tag System

Description: “Pick tag system” is a prototype tag system that has been developed to assist people with disability to get the right bus on public transportation. The system allows communication between the individual and the “bus drivers” through an NFC tag system, this communication helps ensure that the passenger gets on the right targeted bus. According to Statistics NZ, 35% of people with disability are over 65 years old and may do not have access to a smart phone, hence the use of a tag system rather than a mobile app. The Pick tag system strives towards equity for people with a disability.

Name: Melody Renaud

Project Name: Our Auckland memory map

Description: What is Auckland for you?

By living in Auckland, we share similar memories of our city. The good memories make us appreciate the city and make us feel part of Auckland. In my opinion, when we talk about Auckland, we lead with numbers and data first rather than our individual experiences. Each of us makes Auckland what it is, therefore it’s important to talk about it. My project creates a platform to collect our everyday memories and share them through a “memory” map. The memory map provides a platform for people to express what living in Auckland means for them and allows them to explore what it means for others. Come and explore our Auckland memories, and add yours to our collective map.

Name: Pon Huey Min
Project Name: Be Soul

Description: Be Soul is a project that explores political views in flat animation through symbolism. This is a collaboration project with a Malaysian indie rock band, KAYA to produce a music video for their song “Be Soul”. The song addresses the recent political events in Malaysia that caused significant changes to freedom of speech in the media. The aim of this project is to acknowledge the emotional process that this nation has gone through and to challenge the idea of how political views can be expressed. The underpinning narrative seeks to heighten public discourse on this subject.

Name: Matthias Bucher

Project Name: Duality

Description: “Duality” is a non-profit organisation that promotes diversity and visibility in design. It holds regular events and builds a positive and accepting community which connects diverse designers regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or religious views with businesses. Duality also offers a certification process to businesses who value diversity, celebrate, and encourages self-expression. Duality is about recognising that we’re more than just designers, we put a piece of ourselves in all our work and this should be recognised and celebrated”

Name: Lewis Wilson

Project Name: Looming

Description: “Looming” is a multi-disciplinary social awareness campaign that aims to bring attention to the ongoing debate around how to create safe artificial intelligence for the future.

There are many unanswered questions regarding the future of Artificial Intelligence, its seems clear that a global conversation is necessary. In order to spark the flame that starts this global conversation, effective design and design thinking methods are required. The development of “The last invention of man” should be a design problem that every living human should have a say on.

Name: Chaylin Annabelle

Project Name: b-ROLL

Description: b-ROLL is an app created for children between 8 and 12 years to have fun and explore their creative imaginations through storytelling and filmmaking. From my personal experiences with my 8-year-old brother, I found he needed an activity that sparked his creativity when using an electronic device at home. My project is aimed to bring a creative activity into a technological medium, where children can express ideas through storytelling, visualise their stories though filmmaking, and share their short films with family and friends.

Name: Beatrice Clarke

Project Name: Block to Scribble

Description: Scribble (A)gender is a Chrome extension with the aim of making complaining about non-gender-inclusive forms online as easy scribbling on paper. The concept emerged from an investigation that combined practices of critical discourse analysis and user experience research and design. User research in the queer community in New Zealand, revealed that there remains a lot of stigma attached to gender-diverse identities. Scribble (A)gender lets non-binary users, and anyone interested in challenging heteronormativity, scribble on forms that they don’t find gender-inclusive. This feedback, in the form of scribbles, is sent to website hosts, along with advice on how they could make their forms more gender-inclusive.


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