Fresh from the field — ecostore’s Skin range by Special Group

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This week’s Fresh from the Field features the new Skin range for ecostore created by Special Group.

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SKIN by ecostore
Bottling New Zealand Marine Bioactives

Problem/Brief (thinking):
Iconic household cleaning and personal care company ecostore developed a new skincare range to target the more premium end of the FMCG beauty market. And although ecostore is widely known for what ingredients they leave OUT of their formulations, this range is about what they put IN.

Described as “everything your skin needs, but nothing it doesn’t”, the range of cleansers, oils and moisturisers feature innovative uses of New Zealand anti-oxidants and bio-stimulants. Unlikely hero ingredients like wakame (an invasive seaweed put to good use), Vinanza (a trademarked grapeseed extract) and harakeke flax are central to the formulations’ health benefits and sourced from the Marlborough region.

We needed to communicate the benefits of these active ingredients to consumers, but not in a science-y way. After all, skin is a personal thing, so the solution needed to be more emotional.

Solution (execution):
The key benefit of the range was to leave skin looking and feeling more luminous, so we decided to use the strength of the ingredients’ location to hero the idea: what if we took a core sample of the Marlborough Sounds and put it in a box?

The shimmering image hints at the core ingredients of the product inside and provides the range’s colour palette. A fresh departure for the renowned black and white brand, the boxes and shapes are complemented with coloured caps inspired by its ingredients and their origins: from the deep green-blue of the Sounds, to the sunny orange of the grape seed extract. The water-based location also inspires the drifting, sinking typographic arrangement on pack.

Creative Director: 
Heath Lowe
Design Director: Richard Francis
Team Members: Jamie McLellan, Jules Pakenham, Andy Jacobs, Clare Buchanan, Gavin Le Claire, Anne Macindoe, Zofia Seymour, Teresa Harris
Client: ecostore

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