Influencing the bigger picture.

Can design really affect social change? Communication design is just one thread in the complex web of social discourse that helps shape our opinions, beliefs, and actions. Design is pervasive, […]

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Meet our Friends… Heath Lowe

We love the opportunity to get to know our DA friends better, so were happy to get the chance to speak with Special Group co-founder Heath Lowe. Heath’s career began […]

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Semi Permanent 2020 Highlights

This time last week the DA team attended the 2020 Semi Permanent event at the Aotea centre. It was an incredible day, 27 luminaries of Aotearoa art and design explored […]

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Semi Permanent 2020

Semi Permanent is back and an unprecedented year calls for an unprecedented lineup and format. One day, ten hours, 27 speakers and performers. Thanks to three key sponsors (ALT, Auckland […]

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Fresh From The Field — Citizen by Special Group

Globally as much as 1/3 of the food we produce is wasted due to loss (in production) or spoilage once in the supply chain. Here in NZ huge volumes of […]

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Fresh from the field — ecostore’s Skin range by Special Group

This week’s Fresh from the Field features the new Skin range for ecostore created by Special Group. If you’ve got new or recent work that you’d like to share in […]

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