Fresh from the field — Ki Sunscreen, Akin

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This week’s Fresh from the Field features Akin‘s recent work for Ki Sunscreen.

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Evoking the sensual application of sunblock and the protection it offers through the subtle layering of colour and texture on pack…

Ki Sunscreen was developed by Caci to protect against our harsh sun. One of the most important skincare products you can use, Caci’s mission for Ki was to create a product that actually works, as well as looking and feeling good on. Because the more you like it, the more you’ll wear it; something we were challenged to communicate in order to win over a very discriminating audience.

The print finish of packaging is the highlight of the brand. There is a neat combination of clinical black type and the more organic quality of the white wash overlay on an uncoated box board — a balance of a bold forms and subtle, tactile details up close. The overlay is in reference to the sense of applying a product to one’s skin. A simple ink-based overprint translates the material feature of box onto the tubes to  establish a continuity of visual language. The first of many, Caci are hard at work on developing a complete skincare range.

Studio: AKIN
Creative direction: Emma Kaniuk & Tana Mitchell
Design team: Jess Brewer
Client: The Fab Group / Caci

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