Fresh from the field — Sui Gen Gifts by Stansfield Design

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This week’s Fresh from the Field features the beautifully serene new branding and identity work for Sui Gen Gifts by Elliot at Stansfield Design Studio:

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The Brief
How many times do we want to buy a gift for someone but we have no idea what they want or need? We waste so much time, as there is a plethora of gift options out there, but nothing is tailored to the people we are buying for, and there’s nothing worse than buying something useless or receiving something we don’t know what to do with. Sui Gen Gifts are looking to provide the solution to this problem with a unique and truly thoughtful gift service. Sui Gen Gifts is a new tailored gift company based in Australia producing personalised gift packages. They were looking to create a brand that captured their dedication to quality and the emotional act of giving. The brand needed to be bold and memorable to reflect their values and give them a foundation to move forward from. Much of the visual inspiration supplied involved natural textures and flora.

Designer’s Response
Initially, I played with primarily typographic solutions which created a more understated feel, but some experimentation with the brand initials produced a really interesting mark. The motif incorporates the initials of the brand ‘S’ & ‘G’ whilst referencing the symbol of a chain link or infinity symbol, highlighting the timelessness of the brand products. I then looked to couple the clean lines of the motif with the serif letterforms of the characterful brand typeface (Value Serif by Colophon) which adds a very organic impression whilst staying true to the brand values. The gradient and holographic foil became an integral part of the identity to ground the brand, helping create a feel of celebration and gift-giving.



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