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nim Creative shared with us how they developed the branding identity for Caetano Family Chiropractic. Working with a limited budget, nim Creative were able to develop a gentle look and feel utilising heart and vertebrae symbols which delivered on the client’s vision of family and health and tied into the Chiropractic industry.

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The Brief:
We were approached by a highly energetic and passionate Chiropractor looking to Startup her own business. She wanted to create a family-focussed brand that would connect with their community and help patients function better. This vibrant, friendly, educational brand needed to evoke happiness, positivity, and calmness while communicating directly to its core market – mums and bubs.

The Caetano brand needed to truly reflect the people Caetano helped while making people feel calm and looked after. There was a tight budget for this project as it was a Startup and it needed to connect with the head Chiropractor’s Instagram page. The deliverables for this project were brand identity, business cards and marketing templates, website, and social graphics.

The Design Response:
This brand was created with the consistent consideration of the mums and bubs. Our execution needed to look simple while still connecting with their vision, health, family, and – of course – the Chiropractic industry. The Caetano brand mark encompasses all of these attributes while maintaining a simple, gentle overall finish. The heart resembles health and family, the overlapping section at the top of the heart illustrates collaboration, the mini vertebrae symbols alignment, and the bottom of the heart resembles a helping hand and correction (a tick). This was then communicated in the typography.

By developing a brand mark that embodied a lot of elements we were able to do two key things. First, we could abbreviate it to its simplest form and ensure even at its smallest size it had the strength to be seen, and secondly, we could break it apart to use across the entire brand – creating a series of posters and website icons from the vertebrae.

Moving through the design of all of the assets we were able to combine both the brand essence and the Chiropractic industry to create some clever pieces of communication.

The Design Team:
Marcjon Nimmo – Brand Strategist/Creative Director
Sarah Chen – Designer
Rangi Christie – Designer/Webflower
FB – @sociallynim
Insta – @nimstagramin
LinkedIn – @nimcreative

The Client Team:
Caetano Family Chiropractic
Insta – @caetanofamilychiropractic
FB – @caetanochiropractic



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