Fresh From The Field — Flowerworks Branding – By Becca O’Shea

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Becca O’Shea was approached by her client to develop a floristry cart brand with attitude. Playing off of the idea of fireworks, sparklers, and “bomb bouquets”, the final brand identity for Flowerworks is a nod to 60’s floral aesthetic without sacrificing on sophistication.

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The Brief:
The client came to me with a pretty open brief on making a floristry cart brand with attitude. They already had some initial ideas for the naming and bouquets “bomb bouquets”, and “sparklers” which instantly caught my intrigue.

The Design Response:
The company name was the initial hurdle, as well as securing the cart itself (with a limited colour selection). After working through some creative territories and exploration, we landed on the name Flowerworks. This set the foundations allowing us to bring in some of their initial themes of “bouquets that pop”. This theme worked really well not only through fun creative lines and product naming, but taking this idea of a Fireworks street-cart and making it all about bold blooms instead.

This extended into the creation of abstract floral symbols which felt like fireworks bursts. Creating a flexible set of assets they could have fun with when creating collateral. The word-mark was inspired by floral 60’s aesthetic, which also tied in closely with the shapes used in the collateral. Bringing in a more modern palette and strength of the black, brought it back to a more sophisticated and less retro finish.

The Design Team:

The Client Team:
Bliss Neagle



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