Take 10 with… Adeline Marteil, Senior Designer at Hula

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In 2020, during level 4 and 3 of Aotearoa New Zealand’s COVID response we launched Take 10 With… an article series with you – to do a pulse check on how our community was feeling, working, what you missed, and learn about your hopes for the future.

We had feedback that you really enjoyed the series so we have tweaked the questions and invited more of our friends and peers to participate in these candid profiles of Aotearoa NZ designers today as we navigate this lockdown throughout August and September 2021 in levels 4 and 3.

We are continuing our check-ins with you and supporting our design community in Auckland who are doing the mahi for the whole country as they stay in lockdown for a little longer.



Who are you? What’s your day job and where do you work?
Adeline, I’m a designer at Hula.


Who’s in your bubble this lockdown?
My partner Ronan, Alix and bébé Naëlle with our two cats, Riri and Loulou.


What do you like about lockdown?
Everything slowing down allows me to refocus and spend time on drawing. It reminds me that crafting things takes time, that there’s no need to rush. I’m too used to the immediacy of the computer.


What do you miss in lockdown?
My pottery classes and meeting up with friends.


What are you working on this week?
I am working on a global refresh for a B2B paediatrics brand and a new identity for a customer experience entity. We are also getting ready to launch our new website… exciting things! On the side I’ve also worked on a poster for the short film Small Waves (just nominated at the Austin Film Festival!) and did a bit of linoprint.


What are you struggling with at present?
Plenty of time to overthink. Every. Little. Detail. Since 1995.



What did you do this week to relax?
Reading in the sun with a cup of sakura tea. I’m heading off to Paris next week after 3 years away, planning this holliday helped a lot as well.


How are you taking care of yourself and others?
Reminding myself and my bubble that it’s ok if we do less, if we don’t sleep or eat as good we usually do.


What’s a book or podcast you’re enjoying at present or one you’d recommend and why?
I’ve been finishing my pile of graphic novels so I can bring more from France. *Wallet cries in the background*. The books from Atelier Sentô are my favorites. The Festival of Shadows or Dreams of Japan are both made of beautiful watercolour illustrations that take you deep into the mysterious side of Japanese culture. A delight for eyes.

What’s a movie or series you watched this week or one you’d recommend and why?
I just finished watching an Irish drama called Normal People, everything about it is amazing.
The two main actors, the cinematography and the way mature content like mental health issues are shown on screen.



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