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This Fresh from the Field features the latest edition of GSM magazine, a bi-annual publication produced by BJ Ball Papers dedicated to celebrating graphic design in print right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The Brief:

Launched in 2014, GSM magazine has been developed to be a reference tool pitched at both the visual communication and commercial print industries. Its aim is to provide education about print as a medium and to inspire the next generation of creative minds working in this space.

GSM provides educational articles about the intricacies of print as well as showcasing the creative work of both local and international graphic designers working in print. Produced by BJ Ball Papers, GSM is the only locally produced magazine focussing on visual communications for print and was the winner of the Trade category in the Real Media Awards held in Australia and New Zealand, 2019 & 2020. The magazine has also previously won two gold medals in the Pride In Print Awards (NZ).

The Design Response:

Launched in April, GSM16 is the sixteenth regular issue – there has also been one special issue (Re-Edit).

In keeping with the style to date, the cover continues the theme of using the issue number in a graphic and unexpected way – for this issue the numerals are created using juxtaposing positive / negative space and employ a colour palette based on Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2021. The interior counter in the numeral 6 has been knife cut to reveal the social media / web addresses associated with the publication.

Amongst the challenges in creating GSM is working with such a wide variety of material. This ranges from very visually appealing material – such as print design examples as submitted by local designers – to very copy heavy, technical and educational based articles. The aim is to create a sense of cohesion without overshadowing the content.

GSM16 is printed on Royal Offset Hi Brite 250gsm, Magno Plus Satin 115gsm and Knight Smooth 105gsm – examples of three affordable papers which offer excellent printability.

Of particular interest in this issue are our two educational stories showing the processes involved in Diemaking and Case Bound Binding. These are very useful when explaining the complexities of either process to a client.

In this issue, we also showcase the Wausau range of labels – developed for the wine and beverage market. If you’re working on a label job you have to check out the amazing range of facestocks, everything from your classical Vellum, contemporary wood veneer and retro Flock!

Students and prospective employers can view the work of our Student Design Calendar Competition – and in our Quick Chat Creative story we talk to a recent design graduate about the transition from studying to working.

There are several articles covering the sustainability of paper, award-winning design, and using design for public good. In other words, there is literally something for everyone!

The Collaborators:

Editor: Mhairi Flett

SubEditor:  Rachel Foye

Creative: Zoo Creative, Alf Walker


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