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This Fresh From The Field by Sarah Johnston is a multidisciplinary delight. Sarah was involved in all visual design, product design, packaging and marketing for Blend. A new product range from The Aromatherapy Company which enables consumers to co-design fragrance combinations to suit their mood, interior and preferences.

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The Brief:
To enable customers to design their own unique aroma blend by pairing fragrances together to create a luxury layered scent.

The Response:

With a completely open brief to create a new limited edition range for The Aromatherapy Company, Sarah decided upon the concept of blending and the vessel shapes, design aesthetics and packaging followed that narrative.

With new liquid-less paper aroma diffuser sticks as an alternative to traditional reed diffusers and also design a unique ceramic candle that visually represents the co-design and coming together of parts concept.

Visually the two semi-circle ceramic candle vessels unite, designed to be lit simultaneously for the fragrance to intermingle. While the innovative liquid-less aroma diffuser sticks require no liquid (or lighting), the circular ceramic holder compliments the paired candle silhouette and with a central front opening the fragrance is dispersed evenly around the room.

Sarah says “The main challenges with this project were adjusting the fragrance and wick size within the candle to ensure even burning due to the semi-circle ceramic shape. With vigorous testing we achieved a size and shape that creates a rich fragrant blend when lit.”

The narrative of divided shapes pairing together to create a whole is echoed in the semi-hexagonal packaging of the candles. And the sticks cylindrical card packaging is an eco-friendly solution while also convenient to store additional product prolonging the fragrance when not in use. This luxury packaging stands out on retail shelves and elevates the customers unboxing experience.

With a warm complementary colour palette the blends are represented through tonal gradients with recipe cards on the inside closure panels to inspire harmonic combinations. The design uses a contemporary typographic treatment and has already (prior to launch) attracted international acclaim from World Brand Design.



Creative team :

Sarah Johnston – Concept & Design, Photography

Paul Lee – Ceramic CAD

Morgan Hancock – Photography


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