Whitecliffe 2019 End-of-Year Exhibitions

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As 2019 comes to a close, Whitecliffe staff and students are preparing for a well-deserved break over summer, now that the anticipation and excitement of End-of-Year Exhibitions is over.

Every year, each student is given the opportunity to showcase their creative works at the Whitecliffe End-of-Year Exhibitions. This gives Year 1 and 2 students a taste of displaying publicly in an open studio.

2019 however, was unique. It was the last of the Year 4 cohort for the Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe. This meant both Year 3’s and 4’s for the Fine Arts, Photo Media, Graphic Design and Fashion and Sustainability programmes took part in Graduate Exhibitions.

The Graduate Exhibitions are a chance for students to display their self-directed studio work – they create a body of work, or a series of projects directed towards exploring an area of inquiry relevant to contemporary Graphic Design. Take a look at some of the highlights from Whitecliffe’s Graphic Design Year 3 and 4 Graduate Exhibitions:


The Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design degree is internationally recognised for being a creative visual research programme rather than a purely technical course.

In the Whitecliffe Graphic Design department, students learn to openly explore the techniques and technologies needed to materially realise their conceptual ideas.

Top design agencies recognise that while technical ability is beneficial it is also reasonably common. At the top end of the industry it is the graduate’s level of thinking and creativity that counts.


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