Fresh From The Field — Hubbard’s Bran-ola by Onfire Design

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This Fresh From The Field by Onfire Design features Category defining product innovation, neon colours and messaging… to ensure Hubbards Bran-ola speaks to a vibrant young market.

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The Brief:

Having rebranded Hubbards in 2012, Matt Grantham, Creative Director at Onfire Design has seen the brand build its enviable reputation in the supermarket aisle. Establishing itself as the #1 muesli brand in New Zealand since 2014, while the launch and subsequent success of Hubbards Granola created the granola category in NZ retail and became a $6m range within 2 years. So it was an exciting proposition when Onfire Design were tasked with designing the packaging for Bran-Ola, a new bold product with all the health benefits of Bran and fusing it with the granola-style flavours and textures.

“Hubbards has always challenged market conventions” says Matt, “from Dick Hubbard’s first mueslis’ in the 80’s covered in intricate artworks, to the new category defining box shapes of Amazing Mueslis’ in 2012, the brand has always been the local hero innovating and challenging the incumbents through design and product development. Bran-ola is the next stage of this journey.”

The Response:

The Bran category in retail has several conventions that have defined the packaging; challenging these conventions were the opportunity for Bran-ola to stand out and challenge the status quo. Retaining the now-iconic pack shape of Amazing Mueslis, a new punchy millennial focused attitude was created for the range. Bold typography contrasts against competitor brands, while short, sharp copywriting utilises the brown card stock to highlight the fact that the product doesn’t taste like its box. Bright neon colours contrast with the brown card stock to define flavours and disrupt on shelf, proudly shouting out amongst category standard shades of browns, yellows and purple.

With packaging that is so different, it is important to tell and reassure the consumer that while Bran-ola delivers exciting flavours, it has all the excellent gut health benefits which are expected of bran. This story is told in a quirky fashion throughout the rest of the pack, copywriting and modern icon-style illustrations visually explain the benefits of eating Bran-ola.

Category defining product innovation, game-changing bright neon colours and messaging…Hubbards Bran-ola stands out on shelf by NOT being your grandma’s bran.


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