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For the last 25 years Unitec has offered a learning experience for designers that has propelled our graduates to national and international acclaim. Within Unitec’s  Design and Contemporary Arts department, students are immersed in an evidence-based programme that links the facilities of the hand, the eye, and the brain, with industry experts, real world projects, and entrepreneurial conceptualization. Through our intimate cohort sizes, we prepare our graduates for the professional world on a one-to-one basis, ensuring that each graduate outcome is specifically and uniquely crafted to each student. We provide ample learning spaces and access to cutting-edge production technologies in realising each students’ creative intentions.

Bachelor; The Bachelor of Creative Enterprise is a recent qualification that balances creative drive with commercial sensibilities. The Graphic Design stream within this qualification allows each student to pursue their own strengths through a combination of reflective practice and the latest in Design Thinking methods. This empowers our students to ideate and resolve solutions within the framesets of culture, environment, and people. The Bachelor of Creative Enterprise enables students to specialise within the practices of interactive, animated, and traditional graphic design as well as generalise as a graphic all-rounder.

Postgraduate; Within our Post Graduate programme we offer a year-long Diploma of Creative Practice and an 18-month Master of Creative Practice. Students are led on individual research-based projects as well as group taught components that cover research methodologies and critical comparative reading.

Unitec Graduates; Our recent Graduate Evandah Steadman said “The thing I liked about Unitec was – Yes, there are smaller classes, but it means there are more real-world opportunities per person. I took hold of every opportunity, and with the mentorship of my tutors I came out with a solid understanding of design, my own process, and real-world experience that I wouldn’t of had anywhere else.” Learn more about another of our recent graduates in this Hot New Things Feature



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