2022 Grad Show Preview – Media Design School’s Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow

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A snapshot of some of the featured students at this year’s graduate shot at Media Design School, Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow running on 18 Nov from 3:00-8:00 pm.

Calais Soper


Freckles and moles can develop at any age. However, it is more common to develop them as a child, New moles, freckles and fundamentals as adults quite often go unnoticed as the overbearing stigma of skin cancer is known only to affect “older people”. 

But melanoma does not discriminate, especially in our increasingly busy modern-day lifestyles rocked by the rising cost of sunscreen, which results in knowing that visits to our healthcare providers or adaption of sun-smart practice are not as regular as we know they should be.

Utilising a design thinking methodology for my research inquiry, I shifted the focus of my creative skills to explore how I may help young Kiwis gain a more revitalised take on skin and sun awareness, alongside better accessibility to skin health resources. The outcome is a spot-loving creative campaign that links young adults to an accessible Ai-backed chatbot assistant, taking the pain out of tracking their various freckles and moles, as well as prompting UV level reminders and assisting with booking skin checks with health professionals aimed to result in more protective skin smart behaviours. ☀


Chas Clark


Emotional health is an important part of overall health. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Unfortunately, due to society pressures we often find ourselves isolating these stories , thoughts and feelings that need to be seen and/or heard.

I focused this project around breaking the stigma that comes with opening up. To create a platform for people to be able to openly share without the stigma that is attached.

To create a community like know other, that encourages inclusivity and togetherness.

‘IwishIcould’ is a participatory design project that connects people and creates a community that inspires and nurtures, allowing each and every one to express themselves in a public realm, unfiltered.


Dio Ambudi

‘Entry Denied’

Second-generation immigrants grow up accustomed to New Zealand culture and potentially losing connections to their ethnic roots. Their ethnic differences may lead them to being marginalised and excluded from the Kiwi identity. As one myself, feeling stuck between two worlds that don’t fully accept me is all too familiar.

Entry Denied is an interactive storytelling piece, which symbolically portrays the lived experience of a second-generation immigrant as he comes to terms with his identity. The story explores the liminal and constraining themes of identity crises. The project serves as an example to young second-generation immigrants alike, encouraging readers to claim their own identity as Kiwis.


Jeremy MacDonnell

‘WAO Box’

‘Wao Box’ — Simple ambient machines used to create soundscapes to help people work, study, sleep, or even just relax. 

Featuring three unique boxes and soundscapes, each Wao Box tells a story around its respective forest. 

The boxes are unassuming with prosaic user interaction, featuring 24 individual tracks controlled by toggle switches and knobs to affect volume, pitch, reverb and delay.

Along with the physical box, a stripped-back digital experience is also featured on an accompanying website.


Jonathon Morriss

‘People in the Screen’

‘People In The Screen’ is an animated sequence telling the story of my experiences with online communities. Growing up as an introvert, I found digital spaces played a large role in my personal development, providing an outlet for me to express and explore my interests within a community of people who share in those passions. This experience is far from unique, and yet many people are apprehensive towards these spaces, often as a result of how they can be represented and sensationalised. This project aims to reduce this hesitancy by giving a new perspective on these communities, communicated through the metaphorical lens of a marble.


Katie Jones

‘Feeling Grey’

With us all being online more than ever, digital fatigue and creative burnout has become a common occurrence in workplaces and tertiary campuses. Most people at some time in their life have experienced creative burnout but not everyone has a way to cope with it. With young creatives about to embark into the professional domain, creative burnout looms in the distance like a dark, ominous cloud. 

When you are burnt out, you should plan your ideal day.’ is the quote that prompted my illustrated narrative. With the use of reflective design methodology and using qualitative data, I was able to craft a tale of the inner child and the reimagining of childhood and the ideal day of a 9-year-old.

‘Feeling Grey’ is a graphic novel that feels like a zine, it’s an illustrated narrative of the inner child and digital fatigue. Reimagining a nostalgic early 2000s childhood spent mostly outside, before our current terminal parasitic relationship with our smart devices.


Lucca Sharplin


‘Cando’ is a research-led design pursuit to promote meaningful connections between generations to create “Lifetimes of Knowledge”.

Inspired by my grandparents, who lament feeling without purpose in their older and retired lives, despite having lifetimes of experiences and skills worth sharing, Cando is an application with the potential to build stronger intergenerational communities and bolster confidence and accessibility.

Cando is a community-building platform in form of an easy-to-use and accessible app that enables senior users to offer their expertise as a service or a class.

The design outcomes are a concept application, an onboarding website and the short film campaign.




‘Signs of Protest’ explores the powerful process of protest as a personal explorative journey toward finding one’s own voice through systems of silence.

Protests are an important part of human history that allow for voices to be heard within a set container of time. This body of work uses protest as an everyday practice to re-examine it as a design and healing process for one to step toward personal liberation.

Presented in the format of a timeline it is a design that actively moves away from its own starting point, beat by beat, page by page acting as a graphical representation of a period of time and a record evidencing a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. A document of change.


Sejin Lee


The majority of the second-generation Korean New Zealanders experience difficulty relating to Korean culture due to a lack of exposure.This problem does not simply result in a disconnect from their heritage, but the confusion of cultural identity which obstructs them from seeking their fundamental essence and roots, negatively influencing the formation of emotional bonds with their parents. Therefore, this book aims to let second-generation Korean New Zealanders interact with the four unique Korean words: Han, Jeong, Hyo, and Nunchi, which represent the core characteristics of Korean culture. Exploration of their meaning and origin could ultimately help them understand not only Korean culture, but also their parents.


Yong Kweon


NZ is a multicultural country, and yet we still struggle with discrimination and racism today, making our society disconnected and intimidating for minorities. This project is a reflection of the self, the community and the whole of NZ. to redefine the Kiwi identity/ spirit that we can embody.  I AM NOTHING, I AM EVERYTHING is an exhibition/motion piece that plays with ideas in Maori/Korean culture, time and space, and TV nostalgia to dream of a utopian future.


This event will showcase a diverse collection of creative work from across our Bachelor of Media Design and Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies Programmes. Come along to celebrate and experience our students design work with us.

Venue: Media Design School & The Annex
10 Madden Street,
Wynyard Quarter, Auckland 1010
You can also view the student work online via MDS showcase website: www.mdsshowcase.com

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