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Our friends over at nim Creative shared with us their design response to a rebrand project for their client, Rockburgh. With a name already packed with history and a brand story that combines fortifying towns with security and privacy, nim Creative then dialled in on the client’s Dutch heritage to develop a new brand identity centred on the story of ‘castle on the hill’.

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The Brief:
We had just finished the rebrand of a partnering company when the business owners quickly realised that they needed to level up. They had a beautifully simple story behind the name and their service and it just wasn’t articulated in its current form. From a name packed with history and tradition to a story combining fortified towns with security and privacy, we were asked to develop a brand that felt strong and robust while embracing the people-centric nature of the business.

The brand rollout for the Rockburgh rebrand consisted of a new identity, full brand guidelines, sales & marketing brochures, a new website, and brand imagery.

The Design Response:
We began this brand project with a strategy workshop to unearth everything we could about the business, its story, and the people behind it. From here we were able to gain a strong understanding of what needed to be created for Rockburgh to move forward.

We first focused on the meaning of the name and its Dutch heritage, which led us to create a story of the castle on the hill. The Rockburgh brand mark combines – quite literally – the castle on the hill, with the offering of capital growth all framed in a heavy lined box illustrating safe and secure. The accompanying typography has all the same attributes, well-balanced, robust, and strong. The splash of colour is a direct reflection of the Dutch Heritage of the owners and their name.

In conjunction with their identity, we created a collection of icons that corresponded to the services they offer and some headline communications that allowed them to communicate their vision and purpose to their clients.

The Design Team:
Marcjon Nimmo – Brand Strategist/Creative Director
Sarah Chen – Designer
Rangi Christie – Designer/Webflower
FB – @sociallynim
Insta – @nimstagramin
LinkedIn – @nimcreative

The Client Team:


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