On the Flipside… Sian Thompson, Creative Intern at Seven

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The transition from design student to designer can be tricky! Design internships provide an invaluable stepping stone towards professional practice and create continuity within the design profession. On the flip side profiles current design interns and the Aotearoa studios that are hosting them. We learn more about the emerging talents ambitions, the fresh perspectives they bring to businesses, their creative development, and the broader industry benefits to internship programmes.

In this instalment, we speak to Sian Thompson, Creative Intern at Seven

How did you get into design?

I’ve always been around creativity since I was little. My mum used to paint and draw all the time and my dad was in the Auckland music scene. My passion for design really came from photography at school. I loved that I could create something out of what didn’t look like much to begin with. It was less about taking the photos and more about what I could create with the subject on the other side of the lens.

How did you land your internship at Seven?

Well Gideon is my godfather which helps! But I contacted Elena and Gideon and went into Seven for an interview to talk about what I expecting from my internship and what they expected from me. We had a chat about what my goals were and how to get the most out of my time with them. They gave me some feedback on my portfolio and then offered me the internship.


What are you enjoying most about your time there?

I really have been worried that I wasn’t going to thrive in the industry with graphic design but after spending time at Seven I love the atmosphere and the work environment. It’s super supportive and there are always new and different things happening each week which is exciting.

What project(s) are you working on?

Currently I’m working on a book project – a cultural history kind of thing. A publication covering lots of chapters and areas with a huge amount of material to work with. It’s really interesting and is teaching me a lot about drawing from different eras.


Your design education begins at school and continues throughout your career… What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt at Seven thus far?

To ask questions, always listen and take things in around you. Also always present yourself and your work in the best possible way and treat it with the respect it deserves.

How has your confidence progressed since the start of your internship?

I definitely think I’ve gained a lot more confidence in my abilities as a designer and in the work I’m able to produce.

What are your goals for the future?

My goal is to work for a place with similar values and purpose as Seven. I also want to work on projects which align with what I’m passionate about and that sit right with my values and the things that I care about.


What insights or advice can you give to other design interns?

To go out and get some experience has been so insightful and while you’re in it, ask lots of questions and be keen!



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