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This Fresh From the Field features a bold design outcome and bolder kaupapa for a life-changing beer. Milk created a brand of distinction, with significant heart. Disrupting the national beverage market and providing financial independence to the brewers.


 The Brief:

Disability is something that happens when people with impairments face barriers in society. It’s society that disables them, not their impairments. Neville, Janie, Cameron and Nathan struggled to find fulfilling work that let them live independently – they felt helpless. Gordon, their advisor at IHC, decided to work with them to start a business brewing beer. They won over the local Kapiti community with their first brew but were losing money and needed support. We offered our services to give them a strategy to scale, a compelling brand and a chance at national distribution – 100% pro bono.

Our research, immersion and strategy process looked at the category, audience sets (consumer & retailer), demographics, psychographics, and brand positioning – this gave us the data to form 3 key insights:

  • Credibility – Prove the beer tastes great (even though the foursome lacked brewing experience).
  • Storytelling – Tell the social story and bring consumers on the journey.
  • Boldness – Stand out in a category that’s highly experimental and saturated.

Armed with these 3 insights we built a brand capable of going national.


The Design Response:

We named the brand Change Maker – an invitation to craft beer drinkers to change lives, by doing what they love.

We built credibility by partnering with award-winning NZ breweries like Moa, Behemoth, Duncan’s and Sawmill placing their logos on pack.

We told their social story by interviewing each member and bringing their stories to life through illustration, and we created copy catch cries like – ‘Brewing Better Lives’, ‘A Life Changing Beer’ and ‘Power to The People’ – inspiring and empowering others to get on board.

The front face of the label was intentionally structured and utilitarian to give the packaging an authoritative presence on shelf. We combined this with simplified colour dualities that build a bold but positive expression of each of the founding members, enabling consumers to drink great beer and positively affect the lives of those who have been disadvantaged.

In terms of impact and sales, the project significantly surpassed expectations. Armed with the new brand and bottle design, Change Maker was first ranged in Liquorland, followed by New World and PaknSave. This nationwide distribution was incredible and saw sales in the first six weeks exceed $160,000.

Change Maker IPA is now the No.1 selling single bottle craft beer in Liquorland. The Pale Ale is No.4 and Pilsner No.5. Since launch, the brand has been responsible for 9.5% of value growth in the category.

The success of Change Maker is enabling financial independence for its four founders. And it’s set to change more lives for the better.

“The impact on the original founding members has been huge. Their level of confidence has gone through the roof. They are now recognised on the street and have become quite the local celebrities. They’re continually being asked to attend speaking engagements. We’re now looking to involve about 100 new members with disabilities, dividing the business into different regions across the country.” Gordon – advisor.







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