Fresh from the Field — Voyage water, by Culture & Theory

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This Refreshing – Fresh From The Field by Culture & Theory features Voyage water, bottled still and sparkling for CCA, the drama, clarity and refined cartographic elements guide the consumer back to the beautiful blue spring source.

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Voyage is artesian spring water from Te Waihou, the Blue Spring. A true product of the land, Culture & Theory created a premium brand and name that told the story of the water’s journey; from its beginnings as rain hitting the Mamaku plateau to its reemergence in the spring 56 years later. We wanted to connect drinkers more closely with, and to savour, the forces that shape our natural environment. At the heart of Voyage is this notion of discovery, and a brand language inspired by New Zealand’s dramatic land, formed over millions of years through the forces and quirks of nature.


The Response:

The name and brand experience needed to fit sympathetically in a premium dining setting, alongside exceptional food and wine – elegant and considered whilst communicating a sense of the elemental.

Culture & Theory’s creative solution told the story of origin in a highly refined way. Their wordmark, inspired by the rugged land and mountainous terrain, has formed within it a symbol crafted to represent discovery in its simplest form. Our packaging draws on the visual tradition of cartology, with contour lines and coordinates depicting the nature of the terrain surrounding the Blue Spring, reinforcing our story of the land.

The team:

Culture & Theory


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