Fresh from the Field — A Covid19 PSA Campaign by Fox & Co Design

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This Fresh From The Field features a bold, narrative rich, high-stakes awareness campaign for Covid19 by Fox & Co Design.

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Project Brief

Acknowledging the need for effective, cut through messaging during a worldwide pandemic, the Fox & Co creatives got to work proactively producing a lighthearted series of 5 social snackables, that would resonate with audiences across the globe and provide for some much-needed entertainment. And in order for the PSA to remain relevant, it had to be delivered within a week!


The Studio Response

With a concerted push towards a focus on mobile content, we wanted to create a series of snackable animated videos that would cut through the clutter on social media. It was important for us to consider design in these pieces. We wanted each animation to feel considered and nurtured, showcasing our abilities as a design team. The team focused on character design and animation throughout the production of the series, with a keen eye on typography and design aesthetics to ensure each piece had the ‘Fox & Co’ identity. We kept the animation upfront dynamic with a simple reveal in narrative and then transitioned into a series of text boards with different messaging for each animation. We also introduced a series of Covid19 campaign logos which were used to reinforce the pandemic hashtags trending online.

The Design Response:

The Fox & Co team was agile and creative. We did what we do best. Using our passion for storytelling and creativity, we contributed towards creating awareness of the Covid19 virus through this social campaign. As a team, we relied on our internal resources and skill sets and this, along with the construction of an efficient workflow, allowed us to quickly respond to what was happening in the world around us.


Produced & Directed by: Fox & Co Design
Creative Director: Phyo Thu
Associate Creative Director: Nico Speziali
Art Direction: Nico Speziali
Character Design: Hamish Palmer
Animation: Hamish Palmer, Phyo Thu, and Callum Mudgway
Written by: Angelique Thorne
Audio and Sound Design: Fox & Co Design in collaboration with Defacto Sound

About Fox & Co:

We’re a creative studio based in Wellington, New Zealand, specialising in the creation of content for broadcast, web, and mobile using 2D and 3D animation, motion design, and visual effects. With a tight-knit, versatile team of creative critters, we handle everything from the concept to the final delivery.


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