Take 10 with… Bren Imboden & Luis Viale

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The DA team want to support our community through these unprecedented times – something we kept coming back to is a focus on connection and community. So we want to do what we think DA does best, sharing ideas, inspiration and information and profiling our community.

With that in mind, we launched a new series Take 10 with… to do a pulse check on how you’re feeling, how you’re working, what you are missing, and what your hopes are for the future. We invited some of our friends, peers and the DA team to participate and we hope you enjoy these honest and candid profiles of Aotearoa designers today.



Today Bren and Luis of Makebardo challenged themselves to respond to each question only with geometric shapes and a restricted palette of 5 colours. “We took the DA questionary as an internal exercise to keep playing and experimenting during these uncertain times.”

Introduce yourself:

How did you get into design? 

What do you love about design? 

What or who inspires you?

How are you feeling right now?

Are you working right now, if so what does your work from home day look like?

What’s your one tip right now?

Tell us about your current workspace.

Which local business are you going to miss most during our isolation period? 

What do you hope for the Aotearoa design community going forward?

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