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Creative Spaces is a series exploring New Zealand creative and design workplaces, giving you a sneak peak into the space and behind-the-scenes.

This series is proudly brought to you by Atomic Coffee – Fuelling creativity.

In the fifth instalment of this series we went into Voice  —  who have been dedicated to creating, evolving and transforming brands for over 25 years.

Do you have any rituals?

Not really although there are things we like to do because we think they help us to be more productive such as a full fridge; plants and a lovely lady that comes every week to keep them fresh and watered; Sean, our CD was on NZ’s Hottest Home Baker, so we regularly get tasty baked treats made fresh, in-house for us; and of course Harry the miniature schnauzer comes to work every day.

What is your favourite thing about your space?

Two things. Firstly, it’s in a cool part of town, just behind K Road – it’s where we began. What we like is the way everybody seems to share the area, with respect. During the day, creatives, gallery owners, food and coffee makers and retailers. At night, clubbers, bars hoppers and all sorts of other ‘night people’. Sunday is church goers and it all seems to work in perfect harmony. Secondly, our space is full of character and light and has a huge stud with exposed rafters. It gives you a sense of ‘space to think’

Do we keep an artefact or something that is special to us?

Lots of bits and pieces are around the office from different parts of the world, but we wouldn’t call them artefacts. Probably the piece of ‘kit’ we have, that we are very attached to is the large piece of neon we have in the reception area.

Walk us through your design process.

Our process around brand is strongly strategic at the front end, so rather than have a fixed process that we run with, how we work and what we work on is governed more by the outcome of the brand strategy than it is about anything else. What we can say is:

  • Strategy heavily drives all our creative
  • All projects are managed and handled through the agency by our lead creative team. The studio, normally in rollout mode, gets the opportunity to stretch their creative wings on smaller work
  • We don’t present more than one creative option, simply because we get the strategy right first
  • We are very clear what the process will be with our clients, and we set up milestones and dates before we begin
  • A typical rebrand – not that there is such a thing – can take 3 months to 2 years.


What do you do when you get stuck?

A walk down K Road always clears the head for new inspiration. If that doesn’t work, hit the chocolate biscuits in the fridge.

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