Whitecliffe GD16 Graduate Show

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A showcase of graduation projects from Whitecliffe College’s Graphic Design Department. Featuring a broad range of work from experimental typefaces to 3D generative design and everything in between.

Opening: Friday November 18th 5:30pm – 8:30pm.
November 18th – 20th
19th, 10AM – 3PM
20th, 2PM – 6PM

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Exhibiting Students


Ahnand Unka

My final project explores and analyses various music genres. It looks at how the visceral emotions of different types of music can be communicated visually while showing the anatomy of different musical genres. This is done through the exploration of generative design using digital coding, illustrative moving image and data visualisation.

The animations in the visualisations move and react depending on frequency, song structure, tempo among other aspects of music. This shows the varying features of different music genres and exposes them in an analytical way while also helping to enhance the emotive response evoked from music.




Anne Park

The aim of the illustration is to portray the dangers associated to smartphone users engaging in the widely popular social apps such as Pokémon Go, Facebook and Twitter. The illustrations were inspired from the artistic style of ‘Where’s Wally?’ and large-scale ‘spot this’ illustrations. The concept is to show how difficult it is to multitask and be aware of our surroundings while we are so intently focused on a task – whether spotting something or using our smartphone. I hope people can uncover the dangers that smartphone addiction bring to our everyday lives and how much harm we can cause to not only ourselves but to others around us.




Brandon Tan

‘Mercury Plaza Memorial Plaque’ is an experimental project that uses the format of a Commemorative plaque as a way to memorialise the moving of a business closure. A memorial is often associated with death, however this project reflects the local voices of the community who celebrates the iconic building: Mercury Plaza. The plaque also consists of graphical illustrations inspired by the Asian food vendors within the building.




Harrison Sarsfield

Inspired by the inherent distortion of typefaces through ageing obsolete technology, the Legacy Font series are experimental typefaces built from the iconic Macintosh OS 9 system. The fonts that make up the typeface are created from the resolution of screen fonts displayed at different point sizes showing different degrees of distortion through the digital display. The Legacy Fonts consist of four types of weights optimised for different point sizes – 10pt, 14pt, 18pt, 24pt.




James Gestro

72.1 — A person plants a bomb in a public space, the bomb explodes and 20 people are killed.

29.7 — A woman stabs her husband, as a result he dies.

6.8 — A person steals property worth $1000 from outside a building.

Rikers; an island found tucked away in the heart of the East River, New York City.

As a prison brand, Rikers Island is diverse, notorious, rehabilitating, transforming, disciplinary, confining and home. The levelling in perspectives between solitary confinement, medium security and home detention, starts to build a visual representation for the brand, thus exhibited over installation techniques, collateral design and supporting brand material




Justin Zuniga

This project explores how design can be used to visualise an album in its multiple layers, producing a sort of “album anatomy” through an in-depth analysis of modern-era rapper Kendrick Lamar and his Grammy-nominated album Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City as an example.

The project breaks down the album and its songs in close scrutiny, with all the facets and aspects of Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, from the personal narrative history, to lyrical song meanings, double entendres, instrumental beat production, rhyme/rhythm, and overarching themes. My design dissects the multiple aspects of the album while also considering it as one body of work, aiming to study and understand the process by which Lamar created these pieces of audible art and how its various elements could be interpreted visually.




Nancy Xie

Creative ideas can be generated in many different ways: brainstorming, quote inspiration, having restrictions and combining of two ideas. The Medicis Effect, coined by Frans Johansson, is a form of idea generation that combines existing concepts in differing fields, disciplines, or cultures, to produce a number of extraordinary new ideas. Whilst fascinated by this form of ideation, for my project, I in turn utilised the concept of Zoomorphism (a literary technique in which animal attributes are imposed on objects or humans) combined with type design, to create a series of experimental typefaces.




Paul Phanoulas

My final project this year has been an analytical and experimental look at the way narratives are representative of the culture, time and context that they were created in. As they are an important means of learning about the past, I wanted to experiment with new ways that we can record them so that they will last for future generations. The narrative I have focussed my studies on is The Epic of Gilgamesh which is the oldest surviving work of literature — roughly 5000 years old. In order for this story to withstand the next 5000 years, I have looked at using traditional graphic design philosophies in culmination with new technologies, non-traditional media and data encoding techniques which create a system that could be used to retain other narratives.




Rainie Tang

Not everyone will live their lives in one place. More and more people belong to multiple culture at the same time. Drawing on my own experience as an international student, I understand that moving to a new country to study is not a piece of cake – there are number of challenges that a student may have to face while studying abroad. Therefore, my studio work this year is focused on how we could use graphic design to help international students acclimates to a new culture. I have picked “Homesickness” and “Making Friends” in New Zealand as two common issues that international student will face when they move to a new country. The purpose of this project is to encourage international students to engage with their new life through starting conversations and sharing.




Sophia Bayne

My project is about transforming my personal experience of the Roy Clements Treeway into design. How would the content, colours and processes found in the park form a publication? Each page is based on what is at each location (every 5 paces) along the boardwalk that follows the length of the park. The elements that I have found within the park are all categorised into different subjects: history of the area, plants, unusual architectural features, the stream and others.  I am interested in exploring forms from our environment and using the things around us, in a subjective way, as inspiration in creating design work. My intention for this publication is to portray the feel of the park within the constraints of a book. The handwritten and handmade elements are there to show the natural and organic properties of the park, whereas the more structured layouts of some pages derive from more recent, upgraded park features which attempt to attract more visitors.




William Anselmi

My project this year has been a digital interpretation of the seven types of memory loss as detailed in The Seven Sins of Memory by Daniel Schacter. By using 3D generative design processes I have developed visual metaphors that are specific to each type of memory loss; Absentmindedness, Transience, Blocking, Misattribution, Suggestibility, Bias and Persistence. These generative processes are individually unique to the type of memory loss and display it in an entirely visual manner. The purpose of my project was to make the different types easily understandable through design choices and traditional visual clues.



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