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Slow and Fast design showcased in the latest volume of TYPOgraphJournal.

Three years ago Kiwi type enthusiast Nicole Arnett Phillips started TYPOgraphJournal as a way to start a dialogue within the design community. From her Brisbane-based studio, the series continues to build, with the latest volume demonstrating how great designers respond to the limitations of technology, (while not allowing themselves to be constrained by it). Volume 04 navigates the space between traditional design, craftsmanship, and contemporary digital led creative practices. Nicole (who spends her weekends getting inky with dusty old type in her backyard shed) unashamedly admits that this latest volume has a large letterpress focus!

“In recent years, the design community has re-connected with slow media. Contemporary creatives embrace letterpress, calligraphy and working with their hands. We are once again recognising the value of traditional craftsmanship and honouring simple tools and processes. But we are not entirely steeped in nostalgia. Designers love emerging technology too! So TypographJournal volume 04 examines expressive digital mediums that have the potential to redefine the way we practice and create.”



Design team credits:
The issue features a stellar line-up of design talent including local lettering talent Kate Hursthouse, The Doves Type, Gonzalo Hergueta and Lucas Benarroch, Starshaped Press, Craig Ward, Novo Typo, Dave Foster, Amy Papaelias, Resistenza, Matt Haynes, Jess Cruickshank, Steve Mitchell, Studio Lowbrow, Jamie Clarke and more.

For more information on Nicole and her latest projects, visit:


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