Fresh from the Field — Zesti identity and packaging by Dow Goodfolk

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This week’s Fresh from the Field features Dow Goodfolk’s work for Tasman Bay Food Group.

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Location, location, location. So important, right? That’s why we wanted to centre the story of these boutique baked treats on where they were made. Zesti’s new dream spot on pack is, of course, inspired by its home, sunny Nelson. We went on to frame their little local goodies with the sweetest pictograms of some of the region’s landmarks – like Split Apple Rock and the Boulder Bank Lighthouse – and a taste of the outdoor lifestyle there. All together, a recipe for irresistible sweetness guaranteed to hold its value in the hot, hot kitchen of gourmet goodies.

Studio: Dow GoodFolk
Creative Director: Donna McCort
Designer: Leonie Whyte
Client: Tasman Bay Food Group

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