Semi Permanent 2020

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Semi Permanent is back and an unprecedented year calls for an unprecedented lineup and format.

One day, ten hours, 27 speakers and performers. Thanks to three key sponsors (ALT, Auckland City Council and Special Group), NZ designs favourite conference will be free to attend. In another first, Semi Permanent will also be live-streamed (so anyone not there in person can tune in to watch the whole day from wherever they maybe).

With the creative sector seriously affected by coronavirus pandemic fallout, the event has been repurposed and reformatted to meet new objectives, inspire and help ‘reboot’ our industry. On Thursday 12 November at Auckland’s Aotea Centre, New Zealand’s leading creative practitioners will showcase the breadth, depth, diversity and potential of the creative industries.

The organisers are anticipating huge demand, so tickets are being allocated by ballot. An allocation of tickets has also been reserved for schools, to help increase the visibility of creative industries careers for young people, especially in communities where creative industries are under-represented.

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The free event is a way of giving back to the creative communities that have provided support over the years and to inspire a new generation to take up creative careers.

Ben Corban, Managing Director of Auckland-based design company Alt Group, describes Semi Permanent as a way to illustrate the national and global influence of our leading creative practitioners, and draw attention to the sector’s economic, cultural and societal value. “The Creative Industries is a significant and growing global sector, prized by cities around the world and critical to Auckland and New Zealand’s economic diversification agenda. Its value for our country is immense, and growth potential from an export perspective is limitless. This event is a showcase of the depth and diversity of the sector – to illustrate its value as a contributor to economic development as well as culture and identity, and most importantly to inspire new forms of entrepreneurship for new economies.”

Tony Bradbourne, Founder and CEO of Special Group, New Zealand’s leading independent design and advertising company that has now expanded globally, says: “We wanted to give back to an industry and community that has supported and given Special so much. We’re living through a period of change and uncertainty. To solve the challenges we collectively face, we need creative individuals and creative industries, with fresh ideas and optimism about what our future can be.”

For ATEED, supporting Semi Permanent reflects the importance of the region’s creative industries to the wider Auckland economy, quality employment for its people and regional identity.“Our creative economy employs more than 53,000 Aucklanders with preliminary forecasts suggesting there will be more than 17,000 new and replacement jobs in Auckland within the creative sector from 2022 – 2025,” says Pam Ford, ATEED’s General Manager Economic Development. “It represents five percent of our regional economy, and has one of the highest annual growth rates across all sectors in the past five years.

“These industries generate high skill, high value, future-ready jobs, entrepreneurial new companies and intellectual property. We need to ensure our young people have visibility, pathways and opportunities into high-skill sectors such as film, technology, design and other creative industries that reward individual creativity and entrepreneurial talent. Auckland’s youthful, diverse population has a lot offer and we’re pleased to be working with Semi Permanent Aotearoa to get young people who might not have had much exposure to these industries along to the event.”

Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2020
Thursday 12 November
Aotea Centre, Auckland

For more information, visit
To register for the free ticket ballot and livestream, go here.


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