DA Conversations Podcast with Johnson Witehira, February 2017

Welcome back to Design Assembly Conversations for 2017. In this series we talk to New Zealand graphic designers, hear their stories, and celebrate their work.
I’m Louise, and today I’m talking to Johnson Witehira. Johnson is an artist and graphic designer from Wellington. Currently he has his own graphic design practice and teaches at AUT University in Auckland.

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DA Conversations with Welby Ings, August 2016

Hello, and welcome to Design Assembly Conversations, an interview series with New Zealand graphic designers. Design Assembly seeks to hear the stories of New Zealand graphic designers, get to know who we are, and celebrate New Zealand graphic design.
Hi, I’m Louise, founder of Design Assembly. Today I’m speaking to Welby Ings. Welby Ings is a professor at the Auckland University of Technology in the Graphic Design department. He also writes and directs his own films. To date, he has produced two short films: Boy and Munted. In 2006, Boy was nominated for an Academy Award. Currently, he is working on his third short film, Sparrow.

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