Rocketspark Academy—online course for web design best practices.

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For those of you in our DA community who are looking at 2022 as a year of growth and learning, our friends over at Rocketspark have launched a suite of online courses covering web design best practices to help you kickstart and grow your design business this year.

This article is proudly sponsored by Rocketspark.


Turning your design talents into a profitable business can be easy with the right help. 

Loving and excelling in creativity and design is something you’ve either got or something you don’t. And you’ve got it—wahoo! But as many designers well know (and have experienced), making a living from that talent and passion requires a very, very different skill-set. Not only do you have to start the business, get clients, patch together some processes, but eventually you have to create and sustain a profit margin..all while maintaining work-life balance.

We’re uniquely positioned to provide education that accelerates your success.

We get it. It often feels like it’s two steps forward, one step back. We certainly experienced this in the early days when we designed websites for clients in order to fund the website builder branch of our business. Now, 12 years on, we closely support a flourishing community of graphic designers who design websites for thousands of clients on our platform—and we’ve been able to help them with the exact same struggles.

The trials and tribulations, the hard-knock lessons, having (the privilege) of wide-ranging exposure to a significant number of designers going through the same experience—as well as partnerships with leaders in the field—has equipped us with the unique knowledge and experiences needed to seriously accelerate your learning and success. We love it, too!  

Rocketspark Academy is our answer:

Rocketspark Academy offers online courses in business and web design best practices. Academy is for you if you’re a brand and graphic designer wanting to do any of the following:

  • Turbo-boost your design business operations
  • Launch a successful website design service
  • Become the master of web design fundamentals 


How the Academy course works:

  • 1 x 2 hour class per week (via zoom)
  • Interactive group learning with max 15 other students
  • Optional weekly one on one with the course tutor 
  • Sessions are recorded and available on demand
  • Taught by experienced graphic designers already running successful design, and website businesses who will mentor and guide you throughout the course. 



Courses on offer: 

Professional web design 
Web design essentials is an expansive 10 week course aimed at anyone wanting to learn or refresh themselves on design fundamentals and how to apply them to be able to design outstanding websites. We’ll cover off:

  • Key design requirements for effective websites
  • Designing for delight
  • Spacial design
  • Use of colour and typography 
  • Plus much, much more.


Course tutor: Sarah, Ahoy Studio.
Next course starts: March 21st
$999 + GST


Register your interest: 

Even if you’re only a little bit curious, register your interest and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions and help you decide if a Rocketspark Academy course is right for you

Rocketspark is a no-code website builder purpose-built for Graphic Designers that design websites for clients. We have a super loyal community of designers who choose to partner with Rocketspark to deliver their website service. 

Rocketspark also runs a free facebook community of brand and graphic designers wanting more business confidence. Simply search ‘Creative Launchpad’ on Facebook. See you there!


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