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This month we’ve teamed up with Hnry to bring you fresh content every week. We’ll be covering a range of freelancing FAQs – like pricing your design work, chatting with our DA friend, Isobel Joy Te Aho, on how she’s made her freelancing journey a success, and will be going live on 30th March with a free webinar on ‘ How to thrive as a freelancer – presented by Hnry’s CEO, James Fuller for our DA community. See the full range of details below.

This article is proudly brought to you by Hnry

As we all know, living the freelance life comes with its many perks like the freedom of schedule and freedom from the corporate chain of command.

In one glorified sentence, you could say it’s living the dream of doing what you want, how you want, when you want

But, being your own boss comes with the quick realisation that in addition to delivering top notch design work, you’re now also responsible for figuring out how to price that work, sifting through that mountain of receipts, taking control over the black hole that is bookkeeping, and dealing with that dreaded three letter word T-A-X. 

That’s why we’ve come together with our friends over at Hnry this month to share with you some helpful, freelancing resources so you can continue building a design business that’s thriving instead of just surviving.

A freelance designer’s best friend.

If you’re not already familiar with Hnry, think of them a bit like your design business’s nerdy best friend – in that they take care of all your financial admin.

The self-employed community is at the heart of what they do and their mission is to help those individuals from ever having to think about tax again.

One of the great features about Hnry is that they automatically calculate and pay your taxes,every time you get paid – so you can have peace of mind that the money landing in your personal bank account is yours to spend.

Plus with unlimited access to support from expert accountants, it’s finally quick and easy to ask for help for those all too often tax questions that pop up along the freelancing journey.

As a cherry on top, when it comes time to file your tax return, our mates at Hnry have got you covered for as part of the service

They’ll even chase down your overdue invoices if your clients are late paying so you don’t have to.

And since being self employed usually means varied income throughout the year, Hnry have made their service accessible for everyone with pay-as-you-go-pricing. So, you only pay fees when your clients pay you, which makes managing cash flow that much easier. 

So now that you know a bit more about our pals Hnry, here’s what we’ve got coming your way this month:

  • 15 MarHow to Price Your Freelancing Service ( Find it on our DA Article Page)
  • 23 MarInterview with DA friend Isobel Joy Te Aho on how she’s made her freelancing journey a success ( Find it on DA Article Page )
  • 30 Mar FREE Webinar How to thrive as a freelancer – presented by Hnry’s CEO, James Fuller. Register for your ticket here.
  • 5 Apr 5 Freelancing Financial Tips  ( Find it on our DA Article Page )
  • 12 Apr Getting Paid on Time as a Freelancer ( Find it on our DA Article Page ) 


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