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Aotearoa’s first organic wine uses an alternative and refillable packaging and is inspired by both premium wine bottles and the world of craft beer. They are a wine that wants to break free from convention and live outside the box. Strategy were tasked with creating the identity for Fugitive that embodied all of this and more. 

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The brief:
Fugitive: a person (or wine) that has escaped from captivity. Marlborough wine start-up; Fugitive, is Aotearoa’s first organic wine brand using only alternative refillable packaging. Uncaged. Unpacked. Uninhibited. Unexpected. A wine that wants to break free from its conventional past. The client desired a brand that thought outside of the box bottle. A middleman between premium wine and craft beer. Luxurious but organic. So with this, we set out to develop a brand that ‘uncaged’ wine and cut-through the saturated wine industry. Escape tradition, drink Fugitive.

The Design Response:
Nadine & Logie wrote in their brief to us: “We’re just two mates making wine differently.” This inspired a unique typographic expression of the repetitive lines of vineyards. The two smallest ‘dots’ at either end, represent Fugitive’s founders working within the grapes. The contained, circular shape took inspiration from traditional wax seal stamps on premium wine bottles. The world of craft beer inspired a laid-back tone of voice and earthy colour palette – nodding to sustainability. The typeface was created by one of our designers, adding a sense of craft, care and character to support Fugitive’s unique identity.


The Design Team:
Nick Harvey – Managing Partner
Rupert de Paula – Creative Partner
Sophie O’Sullivan – Project Director
Chris Flack – Design Director
Meg Stuthridge – Designer
Josiah Rees – Typography Designer
Instagram: @strategychristchurch
Facebook: @strategycreative


The Client Team:
Nadine Worley & Logie Mackenzie


Lisa Duncan – Photography


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