Blutui® rewards frontend developers with BluBonds

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DA partners Blutui are offering front-end web developers and creative agency subscribers an opportunity with BluBonds

Aotearoa martech company Blutui, is a platform aimed squarely at advertising agencies, creative studios and their front-end web developer talent.

Blutui offers BluBond rewards to users who build 5 or more sites on the platform and further Blubonds will be offered for each additional 5 sites as a personal thank you from the Blutui team for getting in early and supporting their creative sector web development platform.

“We thought long and hard about a capital raising round for our next phase of development but instead we opted for this community play”, says Blutui founder Graeme Blake. “The ability for our users to participate isn’t purchased, it’s earned, which effectively makes the opportunity free from the outset”.

The Blutui BluBond initiative is offered to the front end web developer community in tranches of 100 users at a time and so far the initial offer has been oversubscribed after less than a week in the market. “Our immediate target is to reach 5,000 sites at which time we will send out our first round of treats”, says Graeme Blake. “We are also giving the first 100 users a special opportunity to be in the draw to win an iPad every month for three next 12 months, those are pretty good odds of winning some cool tech”.

“Our aim is to develop a loyal following of 10,000 users pretty quickly and it looks like we are well on our way to achieving that goal”, says Blutui lead developer Jayan Ratna. “We have a raft of other initiatives that are being promoted exclusively to our newly minted users through the in-app experience. From iPad giveaways to unique experiences, events and community initiatives. The team at Blutui are committed to creating an ecosystem our users will love, starting with the app, then the company and ultimately the business of web development in the creative sector”.

“With developer access free it costs nothing to build a site and Blutui wholesale hosting is priced at US$25 per month so there’s nothing standing in the way of users like me taking advantage of the offer”, says junior developer Ruslan Courtman. “I’ve been using for all our client projects since I started at the agency and it’s brilliant, so fast and I get to share in the success of a new platform”.

Blutui users will be able to maintain their minimum number of sites 5 with existing or new projects throughout the lifetime of the BluBond initiative with the ability to grow a BluBond portfolio with each additional 5 sites. “The offer of ongoing reward for getting into Blutui early is designed to create a foundation community and to show our early users some love and respect for sticking with us,” says Graeme. “The opportunity for our users to grow their business and their personal income with the Blutui enterprise platform is something we are incredibly excited about.”


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