Field Guide 2020: Epub

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Kia ora Friends,

We are so pleased to be able to share our 2020 Field Guide with you. We originally framed this project (back in April) as “a multidisciplinary exploration of New Zealand’s post-COVID design practice”. But realise now that “post-COVID” exploration was optimistic! Rather this document gives insight into how our creative community is navigating the COVID response, the nature of design practice in Aotearoa today and perhaps most importantly interrogating our hopes for our future and opportunities that have arisen from flux.

The Epub (ISSN 2744-3140) can be accessed here. (12.7mb) 

We are also investigating the viability of a print edition, to register your interest please contact

Heartfelt thanks to Creative New Zealand who funded this 2020 Field Guide, all the contributors and you the Aoteroa Design community who shared valuable insight into your life, thinking and approach to work.



Funded by Creative New Zealand

Publisher Louise Kellerman / Design Assembly
Editor Nicole Arnett Phillips
Design & Art Direction Laura Cibilich (RUN Agency) & Nicole Arnett Phillips

Artists Cameron MacDonald, Carol Green, Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho, Lisa Baudry, Lucie Blaževská, Munro Te Whata

Authors Desna Whaanga-Schollum, Kate McGuinness, Louise Kellerman,  Mark Easterbrook, Nicole Arnett Phillips

Audio Daniel O’Brien


Our 2020 Field Guide Team illustrated by Lucie Blaževská


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