Fresh from the Field — Home Fragrance by Sarah Johnston

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Sarah Johnston’s design practise is a confluence of visual, product and packaging design. The consistent thread throughout her work is an expert understanding of form and dimension, pristine polish and playful art direction. This Fresh From The Field profiles Sarah’s latest home fragrance range Volumes.

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The brief:

A designer limited edition Home Fragrance range.

The Response:

Volumes is the story of time & space; geometric forms intertwined with crystal light complimented with rich smokey aromas. Simplified geometric manifolds intersecting with unique reflections and gem-like qualities. With a nod to the Memphis Design aesthetic; the geometric figures of Art Deco, the colour palette of new Pop Art, and a touch of 1950s kitsch; Volumes explores the aromas and nostalgia of a dusty highway.

These candles and diffusers are above all, home decor. A delicate balance of function and decoration, suitable to be re-purposed creating a timeless art object in your home. Because even an empty vase can be art. The shapes exhibit luxury and opulence with one-of-a-kind hand blown glass.

As a group, they range in volume. As a shape, they are all volumes of revolution. And as a collection, each volume is part of the larger group.

The packaging accentuates the geometric. Volumes looks at the box as not just a vessel to protect but to represent the object inside. The undecorated diecut outer sleeve allows all variants illustrated internal boxes to illuminate through the shape.

The collaborators:

Product and Packaging Design by Sarah Johnston

3D Digital Illustrations by Paul Lee


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