Fresh From The Field — RUN’s Auckland Rainbow Hub

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Auckland Pride Festival is in full swing, ahead of tonights Queer Design Assembly event we are showcasing another of our favourite pride adjacent designs in this Fresh From The Field. The Rainbow Hub is a vibrant and cheeky interactive installation by RUN. It celebrates Auckland’s LGBTQ+ community and invites the city to participate in the creation of art through an open access web app.

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The Brief:

The Auckland Council needed a unique creative solution to draw attention to the Ellen Melville Centre and help the community celebrate Auckland Pride Festival 2020. It also needed to have some kind of interactive feature, so people were drawn to interact with it, not just look or walk past.


The Design Response:

Creative agency RUN came up with the solution to transform Auckland City’s Ellen Melville Centre into a rainbow hub.

They created an installation consisting of huge light panels, which are controlled by a web app. This allows users to choose a graphic, colour it, then send it to the Centre’s giant windows, where it is then animated in lights, overlooking Freyberg Square.

The graphics include winking eyes and kissing lips to give it a little cheekiness and personality, bringing in the fun flavour of the Pride Festival, while engaging the Ellen Melville audience.

Run collaborated with Augmented Human Lab at Auckland Bioengineering Institute and Faculty of Creative Arts & Industries to make it all happen.

The festival runs till 16th February, so if you’re in Auckland be sure to check out the rainbow hub installation for yourself – day or night!


The Creative Team:

Agency: RUN
Creative Director: Raymond McKay
Design Director: Laura Cibilich

Development: Augmented Human Lab at Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Professor Suranga Nanayakkara, Vipula Dissanayake, Samitha Elvitigala, Sachith Muthukumarana

Fabrication: Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries / Elam Workshops

Peter Cleveland, Robyn Walton


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