Fresh From The Field — Eva’s Wellbeing Supplements by Plato Creative

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This Fresh From The Field by Plato Creative features a bold brand application making this product distinct in its category.

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The Brief:
Eva. A young, health-conscious and business-savvy individual, spotted a niche market for dehydrated smoothie mixes that people like her could carry and consume at any time of the day. Each scoop packed with natural deliciousness such as fruit, veges, seeds, nuts and more to keep those on the go, going. Eva required a brand and packaging to communicate the nature of the product to those who consume it.

The Response:
There was an immediate identification between Eva’s personality and this new brand…they were one and the same. Eva’s Wellbeing Supplements took shape, led by the mantra of a fast-paced, ambitious individual, the phrase “READY WHEN YOU ARE” was the purpose behind everything. This meant taking everything you need and nothing you don’t, mixing it in advance, only having one tub or pouch to worry about. No hassle, no mess and knowing exactly what nutrients you’re getting out. The bold red is Eva herself, the pastels are a bit of fun, and by pairing them with a typographic verb pattern that speaks to the goodness inside gives anyone an idea of how to feel after mixing a smoothie for themselves. Placing a brand like this in a market where the majority of supplements are either basic and white or dark and aggressive, the end result is cut-through packaging that jumps off the shelf.


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