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This Fresh From The Field features a brand strategy, striking typographic identity and packaging for a personal care range making the most of cutting edge science by Tricky.

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The Brief:

Tricky was initially briefed on the development of a new skin repair brand, representing a scientific breakthrough for the advanced treatment of personal care and wound healing.

Scientists at New Zealand’s Hi-Aspect had discovered a true treatment breakthrough – Protein nanofibrils that could literally suspend active ingredients above the area that required treating – like a scaffold – so those ingredients would not be absorbed and could therefore  stay active for longer.

The first product range to hit the market was for the treatment of acne, but the innovation will span many other treatment categories so the brand we created needed great flexibility.

The brief included packaging design, naming and translating a complex concept into a simple understandable explanation for all marketing assets.

The Response:

Hand-picked consumer focus groups confirmed the protein itself was exciting for the customer, rather than the mode of action. Using the advanced healing powers of protein was brand new logic in the treatment of skin conditions, and it was here we found the brand name: New Logic.

Next we captured its promise with four powerful words: protein powered advanced healing.

The packaging design triangular texture suggests the slow release of the active ingredient and the use of print finishes such as metallics, foiling, embossing and de-bossing takes this innovative range of acne products to centre stage on shelf, ready to compete with more established brands.


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