Fresh from the Field — Victoria Spicer by Sea Change

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This week’s Fresh from the Field features an identity for London-based set design Victoria Spicer by Sea Change.

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The Brief: 

Victoria Spicer is an up and coming London-based set designer. She describes her work as a constant juggling act of thinking, sourcing and making. Victoria required an identity to showcase her highly visual and eclectic body of work, and also articulate her process and personality.

Design Response: 

A simple, custom wordmark was first created, which included three dots to reference her playful juggling act. A flexible deconstructed logo system was then developed, to allow for multiple combinations of type and image. The many configurations alludes to her almost never-ending process of constructing and playing with spatial compositions within a set.

The website was the key brand expression and where her identity really comes to life. Upon landing and through the page transitions, the three dots animate. The dot is further utilised in hover states and captioning. The brand colours of navy blue and light pink are used in block background colours to create an immersive experience, and the vertical and horizontal typography is further explored.


  • visual identity
  • brand imagery creation
  • design collateral
  • website


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